Things to Look Forward to when Starting University








I remember when I was first going into University, I was so nervous, upset about leaving my family and home as it was a big change for me being as I have only lived in Bermuda and flew to Canada to attend University. Some of you attending University for the first time may mean you are only a few hours away from your family home or you also have to fly a large distance away from home and may be really excited or really nervous.

I am now in my third year and I am really looking forward to going back, I really enjoy University. So I thought it would make for a nice blog post if I share a few things you can look forward to once at University because I promise it isn’t all as scary or nerve wracking as it may seem.

Making new friends

Some people may find the idea of having to make new friends the number one thing that makes them really nervous for University but I promise you will find so many! In first year, everyone is going to be in the same position as you, nervous, scared and you will find people who automatically become friends.

Decorating your room

This was one of my main excitements when entering University! I love interior design and making spaces my own and decorating them how I like and how I want them to function and this was so much fun!

Joining fun clubs

This is also a way to make new friends with similar interests as yourself and clubs is something fun to do and take your attention solely away from school work. Find things you really enjoy and it will make your University experience even better.

Becoming an adult

This was what I was most excited for, doing more adult like things and being independent. I lived in a townhouse with roommates and we had to cook for ourselves and do our grocery shopping, we make our own schedules and can do things we enjoy. For me I always look forward to cooking and going to the gym and planning time with friends.

Explore new placesIMG_3797.JPG

Especially if you are in a different country to attend University you have tons of new places to try out and explore. My Favorite memories is travelling with my friend around the area, doing fun things and just getting out. This is important as well to balance school work and time for yourself.

Taking classes you are interested in

I have always been someone who enjoys school, so I get excited with classes that I really think I will enjoy and am interested in. I like to learn new things and lecture settings I really like as well.

Having more free time

With University, the schedule is very different from regular high school. You have the choice of organizing when your seminars are and therefore have the ability to create more free time for yourself. This is what I really like, having more freedom to decide if I want to go to the gym, cook, shopping or time with friends and not having to be stuck at school all day.

I wish you all the best in this school year and stay positive, be safe, be smart but most of all, enjoy it! Bye for now 🙂

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