Travelling Tips

I find September is a big month for travel. There are people finishing their vacations and flying home, students flying to school, people flying to a new country for a new job or moving to a new place. September is filled with beginnings I think at least. Therefore inspired by travelling I have decided to share a few tips for travel such as my travel routine, carry on essentials and more.

My carry on essentials:

  • Obvious necessities (passport, ticket, money)
  • A book
  • Earphones
  • Hand Sanitizer (travelling makes it easier to catch germs)
  • Moisturizer (Have you ever noticed you get dry skin from the recycled plane air?)
  • Comfy clothes and shoes
  • A pen (There are always forms you have to fill out!)
  • A snack and water
  • Chargers (for longer travels)
  • Lotion or perfume (just to make yourself feel a little more fresh)


My travel routine:

I always pack at least two days before my flight, gives you enough time to have another day to double check and have a clear mind so you do not forget anything.

I have a good meal before I travel, sometimes you never know when you are able to eat again next.

I choose what clothes and shoes I am going to wear on the plane the day before. I make it as comfortable as I can with it still being considered presentable.

I always sit by the window because I like to look out and I find it the most comfortable if I wanted to take a nap. I also always get a free drink off the plane, either apple or tomato juice or ginger ale.

I use the map app on the plane seat screen to see how much further there is to travel and all other travel details. It is very useful, if you haven’t used it check it out next time you are on a flight that has screens.


Other Travel Tips:

  • Do not put important things in luggage such as money or medications. Put in carry on in case of luggage getting lost.
  • Always use the bathroom before boarding the plane or whatever vehicle you are travelling by.
  • Make sure you chose a seat that makes you the most comfortable, either the isle or the window seat on a plane.


These are some photos I took on the plane when flying over Niagara Falls returning back to school:


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