Settling in at University

It has been awhile!

Since flying back to University my blogging schedule changed completely to where I haven’t even been blogging. Oops! But we all know it is expected in the beginning stages of the school year to be super busy and caught up in trying to find a routine with everything when in a new place. I also was beginning to get sick and wasn’t motivated to sit down and write. However I realize how much I miss my blog, so here I am.

I hope for all you students you are having a good start to the school year, especially those of you attending University for the first time, there is always a mix of excitement and nerves, but I hope it has been going smoothly for you thus far.

I wanted to come on here and say I will try my best starting today, to begin uploading more regularly now that I am mostly settled in with a routine. I did have some planned posts along the lines of avoiding home sickness, saving money in University but I am a little concerned those pre school shopping and home sickness stages may now be ending. Maybe I will post them anyway…let me know if anyone is interested in reading them!

Furthermore I want to get back into posts about healthy lifestyles, healthy foods at University and my fitness journey series, so stay tuned for those.

Before I go, I thought I would share some fun things I have done thus far. If anyone is attending University in Canada, near Mississauga, Canada’s Wonderland is a place to go if you haven’t been already. It is an amusement park and I visited last Saturday and it was so much fun! I think if you are stressed or tensed, riding on roller coasters is the perfect cure to just feel free. Also every year Canada’s Wonderland has Halloween Haunt which I think lasts for just over a week, each day the park is open and there are haunted houses, people dressed up in scary outfits and they follow you around the park and you can still ride the coasters. I have never been but it is on my list of things to do this year and I am super excited!

Well I mean it when I say I will talk again soon! 🙂


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