IMG_0673.jpgI just recently have made some changes to my hair and for the first time ever, dyed it from its natural color. Well not all of it, just from the partial middle to the tips I have dyed blonde and I love it!

Being as my hair was never dyed prior, it was a lot easier to get my natural brown to change to blonde as the color pigment of my natural hair can easily be lifted compared to someone who may dye their hair frequently, it would be much harder for those color pigments to be lifted.

My hairdresser put the parts to be dyed in foil, covered in the bleach solution and applied heat for maybe 15 minutes until my hair went the blondest it could go, making sure to pass the bronze stage. (Not leaving the bleach on long enough and give enough time for the hair to keep changing color can leave you with a copper, bronze blonde which wasn’t something I wanted.)

Tips when wanting your tips blonde:

Do not do it yourself. Unless you are a skilled hairdresser I wouldn’t recommend you doing it yourself. Most of the time that’s just bad news. I know for me, I wouldn’t have a clue of what I was doing and would feel a lot safer knowing someone skilled is working on my hair.

Do not dye your tips blonde as a straight line. What I mean by this is, if you dye all of your hair at the same height you are going to be left with a straight line between your natural color and the blonde and maybe this is what you want, but it will not look natural if that is what you were hoping for. It can also make your hair look like it doesn’t have shape.

My hairdresser suggested to me to have certain sections dyed higher than others that way as my hair moves during the day, the style changes and it provides a more natural look.

How to do this:

Backcomb your hair. Essentially backcombing your hair causes a more “rough” dye effect in the way that some parts are going to be dyed higher up than others. Therefore it will be a flowy effect between the colors, almost like a highlight instead of a straight line between the two colors. (Use a really good conditioner to brush your hair out after, you will need it)


Any shampoo and conditioner can be used to wash your hair. However one that is recommended in addition to your regular shampoo and that I purchased from my hairdressers is a Blue Shampoo. Blue Shampoo’s are made for blondes and essentially it helps keep the color still vibrant and it makes your entire hair shiny. Almost like a pop!

Warning: You do not need to use a lot! If you buy the bottle with a pump, one and a half pumps is enough for my hair which ends just under my shoulder blades and is not necessarily thick hair. You only need to use this shampoo once every two weeks or once a month!

The bottle I bought was $28.00 and the lady told me it should last over a year if I use it accurately.

Overall I love my hair! I love the change and it is something I have thought about forever but was always too scared to change my hair color. But I am very happy with it!

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