Dream Board


Hey guys,

So recently I have decided to create a dream board or a vision board.For those of you who may not have heard of this or have never seen one before, it essentially is a poster board covered in images and words that you choose of things that make you happy, that you envision in your future, motivating words and that represent your goals in life.

I decided to create one as not only is it a fun project that I can do but it will make me happy to see it everyday on my wall and act as a reminder of the things that make me happy and what I want in my life as a source of motivation. Especially for one who is very visual and creative, this is the perfect project!

How to create a dream board:

  1. Decide what you would like to display it on, either a poster board, a canvas or multiple little posters.

     2. Begin finding images and words online or in magazines that you can cut out and use on your board.

     3. You can decide on a specific theme or multiple themes to include on your board.

     4. Decide on the layout or placement you want the words and images to be situated.

     5. Print or cut out the desired images and words and glue onto the poster board or whatever you have chosen.

And there you have it. There are many websites or tutorial videos which can help give you more ideas 🙂

My personal favorite websites for gathering images and words are; Pinterest, Tumblr and of course regular Google Images works well.

For me I decided on a large poster board and I am choosing images and words that represent all the things that make me happy and I want in my future. Therefore one part of my board will represent the living space I want when I am older, things to do with my career, family and pets, any vehicles that I want, travel and whatever else makes me happy.




















I am currently still working on mine and it is such a good past time, a lot of fun and even just searching for the images and words I would like to use, instantly makes me feel happy so I cannot wait until it is finished and hanging on my wall.

Let me know if any of you have already completed a dream board or if you are planning on creating one and what are some of the things you chose to display on it 🙂

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