How to Avoid Feeling Home Sick

I remember my first year leaving home to attend university. This was such a big change in my life for me as home wasn’t an hour or two drive, it is a two and half hour flight. I was leaving the place I have only ever lived to go to a completely new country and the first two weeks after I said bye to my family to this day was the hardest time of my life. Home sickness set in big time and I cried a lot! For those of you who may be in this position now, I can tell you it does get better, it just may take some time.

I decided it would be a good and helpful idea to share a few things that I do to help control the homesickness or avoid it altogether. This is my third year leaving home to attend university and each time has gotten so much easier but I always find returning after a four month summer isn’t always easy and happy. Here is what I have been doing to help make things a little better:

Face time or Skype home

Skype or call a close friend

Surround yourself with good and positive people

Plan your schedule to be really busy

Workout either a walk, run or workout video

Get outside and in sunlight

Make your spaces really bright and filled with things that make you happy

Do your favorite things such as hobbies or watch your favorite movie

Be with friends

Write in your journal how you feel

Find a routine

Listen to uplifting and positive music

Eat healthy foods and stay hydrated

Find things for the future to look forward to

Make a countdown

Put on a smile, things will get better, I promise! 🙂

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