The Perfect Pamper Night

I strongly feel we do not give ourselves the relax, calm down, rejuvenation time that we all should be giving to ourselves. In today’s society it is almost harder to find that time that is completely dedicated to you and truly relaxing as it has been made super easy to stay connected with the rest of the world through our phones, laptops and the internet and therefore it may be harder to shut down and give that “you” time that everyone needs.

In my opinion ideally every night an hour or so before bed should be set aside for you to relax and enjoy the things you do not necessarily get to do during the day but I understand this can be difficult to do. So I feel it is really important to have at least three times a week to leave the evening time of your day completely free for “you” time and plan a routine that allows you to shut down and rejuvenate and allow you to have a guaranteed good night of sleep and tackle the next day as a new and strong individual.

I realized just how important it is to dedicate time like this to yourself as this last week I found myself head deep into my books, homework, studying for four days straight and even after I would still feel my head spinning and thinking about what else needs to be done. I wasn’t getting enough sleep, I was feeling demotivated and tired and like I needed a vacation far away from everything. I realize I should never let myself reach this breaking point, and that allocating nights such as a “pamper night” could be the solution that I need. I have always believed in pamper nights but recently I realize they need to become more frequent within my schedule in order to ensure my mental state is healthy and that my body is getting the rest it needs and is fully rejuvenated.

So without further adieu, here is my perfect pamper night that I really enjoy…

1. Plan a few hours aside before you normally go to sleep to dedicate time for your pamper night.

Normally for me days I finish school later like 6:30, I will leave the rest of the night open to just me and for my pamper routine.

2. Plan ahead what you are going to have for dinner, either it be a meal you like to cook or take-out food. (I would recommend delivery option.)

3. Very important, turn off any social media that is going to distract you from pure relaxation and stepping away from the world for the rest of the night.

I personally will make sure I do not look at Facebook, Instagram, Snap chat and the only social media I still use is messaging only if my parents need to contact me but other than that I do not use it to chat with people, and I use YouTube which you will find out why. 🙂

4. Have a super awesome bath or shower.

0cb56108e5717eb655ba327fdcf2ee86A bath is absolutely the best option for a pamper routine which unfortunately in my apartment at University I can only shower but you can make a shower just as enjoyable. If you have a bath, fill the water as high as you can and use any bubbles or relaxing bath salts to make your water smell good and for you to relax. At home when I am able to have a bath, I will dim the lights and light a few candles or play some relaxing music or have a book to read or my favorite YouTube videos playing in the background. When showering and trying to make it as relaxing as you can, I think it is super important to use body wash and shampoos that smell really good. Any of your favorite products should be used tonight just to make you feel extra relaxed and clean.7e4541fc8b72768160468320585923b9.jpg

5. After your shower lotion your entire body.

This is one of my favorite things after a shower and is really healthy for your skin. After a bath or shower your pores are open and moisturizing is very important so I will find a lotion that smells really good and you can even purchase lotions that have scents that are made for a good nights sleep which I may something good to try out! One of my number one tips for moisturizing after a shower is take a medium amount of lotion and rub all onto your feet, toes, ankles and then put your feet into cozy socks. If you leave your feet like this all night, the next morning they will feel brand new! Try it.

6. Wear comfy pajamas or a bath robe and fluffy socks2a39246bc7332cf19de6eb2052783a8f

This is a must! For me there is no pamper night without my big, white fluffy bath robe. You want to be as comfortable as you can, and wearing clothes that you don’t normally wear and that give you extra comfort will tell your body that you are ready to relax and have a really good pamper night.

7. Face mask

I love face masks and your pamper night is the perfect time to nourish your face and skin when during the week you may not have enough time to give the effort your face really needs. My personal favorites are all from The Body Shop and are the Tea Tree face mask which I find is really good for getting rid of and preventing break outs and other blemishes and the Honey and Oat face mask is the best facemask I have ever used for moisturizing. I mentioned them both in a past favorites post and am still obsessed with them!

8. Light candles, turn on fairy lights and dim the room06969dd8c1d65f13881c95f0da2d5979.jpg0064e585498f76dd9a091047c2ee4662












9. Time for calming activities and shutting down

This is my favorite part of the whole night, deciding on what you want to do that you really enjoy and that is relaxing. Here are the things that I normally do:

  • Read a book
  • Watch my favorite YouTubers, especially the videos about pamper nights or taking car of yourself. (Kalyn Nicholson, Marissa Lace, Zoella, Tanya Burr, Niomi smart)
  • Adult coloring book
  • Write in my journal
  • Plan in my schedule
  • Watch a movie or TV show on Netflix
  • Order indulging food like pizza and watch a movie
  • Do my nails and any other body nourishments
  • Make a hot green tea and dip digestives or your favorite cookie and tea

10. Lastly, I use two apps that are both really good for either meditation or listening to relaxing music and sounds. They are both free and can be downloaded at the app store

Headspace                                                                                                                                            Relaxing Melodies b6bd0f93ae90eea2503340d0cc315732


I hope sharing my pamper routine encourages you to treat yourself to one also and has given you tips for giving yourself a fully relaxing “you” time and replenished for the next day. 🙂

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