Decorating for Halloween


I am currently in Halifax for a week visiting one of my good friends and tonight we decided to decorate her apartment for Halloween. I still have decorating my own apartment to look forward to when I get back but tonight was a lot of fun and I decided to share the festivities here on my blog. Hopefully this can motivate any of you working hard with school or busy being an adult to still make time for fun celebrations such as decorating for Halloween. 🙂

Pumpkins are my favorite Halloween and Fall decoration so of course we purchased a lit up pumpkin. We also picked up a festive tablecloth which I think mostly transformed the apartment into a festive space. We used cute window stickers, hanging decorations and a little ghost that we pinned to the door and the room feels so festive and cozy.

Decorating is an activity in itself to look forward to but once your living space is decorated and festive, it will brighten your mood and you will look forward to coming and staying home to see the decorations you created.


Stay tuned for another decorating video coming soon when I return back to my own apartment! I hope you are all enjoying October thus far and getting excited for Halloween. 🙂



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