A Day in a Meadow

As some of you may already know from the last few posts, I am spending a week in Halifax to de-stress and spend time with one of my close friends. Today we took a blanket out into a nearby meadow to get some fresh air and write. And of course we took a lot of pictures which I thought I would share here:











I have always felt the best method to de-stress and allow your mind and body to feel free is to step away from the city and areas busy with people and get some fresh air by spending time outdoors. Just to have clean, fresh air and a beautiful scenery really helps to clear ones mind and it has been one of my favorite days since being in Halifax.





Later on in the day we saw a Mommy deer and her two babies and we tried to feed them apples but they were not having it. Still got some nice pictures though!



Take time out and allow your mind to be calm and free. Life can really get in the way sometimes with busy schedules and responsibilities that we don’t plan enough time to take care of ourselves, such as something so simple but important as spending time outdoors and breathing in fresh air and taking in beautiful scenes.



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