Halifax Waterfront


Yesterday was a sunny day in Halifax and my friend and I decided to take a walk along the Boardwalk. For those of you not familiar with Halifax waterfront, it is a tourist location with good eats, ice creams and other deserts, touristy shops and souvenirs and a long walk with a beautiful view of the Ocean. It is a really nice area to get outdoors, get some exercise and get a good view of the Ocean. 14695413_528261357380830_8119689421023219013_n















If you walk further away from the ocean and boardwalk there are a lot more stores and restaurants and is a city atmosphere, so it was nice to have a mix between the city and then a more relaxing water front walk. The stores and the city atmosphere reminded me of an old cobblestone feel and it was a really lovely area to be in.


14702468_528261427380823_6256954893023850176_n 14716169_528261440714155_8356093522119935867_n












Along the way there are people on the sidewalks playing their music and people walking their dogs. There were a lot of families spending time together and most likely visiting the area as well as people exercising as it seemed many locals come to the area for running and walking along the boardwalk.

14724520_528258627381103_8921829594322653329_n.jpg 14695575_528259464047686_2691713417387593197_n


The food is really good and if you are one to love sea food (im not) you will most likely really enjoy dining here. The amount of dishes being carried past me holding a full lobster was a little much haha. We ate at a restaurant called Murphy’s which was really nice because we had the view of the Ocean which most of the places on the Waterfront do, but the food was super yummy too. And large!

Then we walked to a place called the Gardens which is exactly as it sounds.



Overall it was a really nice experience and if you ever happen to be in Halifax area, the waterfront is a nice place to check out!

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