Day at a Pumpkin Patch

Continuing with Halloween festivities and celebration of Fall, a few weekends ago I visited my very first pumpkin patch.

It was a place called Warner’s farm in Niagara, Canada and was a family owned farm and it was a really, really cute place.

I went with the goal of picking out some pumpkins obviously and I bought one large one for carving and two little ones to decorate my apartment. But there was also a corn maze, hay rides and a little barn filled with animals that we could pet and see.

It ended up being a really nice experience and I fell in love with a little kitten who was absolutely adorable!

Later on that day, my friend and I went to visit another farm however when arriving there we found it was closed. But the location of the farm was really pretty and there was a walking trail we ended up exploring and the view was really nice. Here are a few pictures of that:


I recommend you get outside if you live in a four season climate, therefore before everything turns white and bitter cold. Cant you tell I love winter?!

Fall is such a pretty time of the year with all the different colors and the air is really crisp. I have been spending a lot of time outside as I have been doing a lot of runs at a park near my apartment, but I will save this for my next fitness update post which is coming really soon.

Hope for those of you in school, the assignments and midterms are going okay and that you are staying above the amount of work required! 🙂

Talk again soon! 🙂

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