Fitness Update: Fitness Series

I cant even remember the last time I have uploaded a fitness related post but I know its about time I do.

My fitness routine has been adjusted with me moving back to University within Canada but lately I have been focusing my exercises outside to take advantage of the weather before winter hits.

Last weeks fitness routine:

Monday: 45 minutes walk/run

Tuesday: 45 minutes walk/run

Wednesday: 20 minute walk on the treadmill and 10 minutes on the elliptical

Thursday: 45 minute walk/run

Friday: 45 minutes walk/run

Saturday: 45 minutes walk/run

Sunday: Rested

I don’t necessarily recommend to incorporate a 45 minute run for almost everyday of the week unless its something you actually enjoy. I use running as a form of stress relief and just clearing my head and getting outdoors. That doesn’t mean 30 minute walk/run on the treadmill isn’t sufficient enough as a proper workout! By all means it is.

I have taken a new outlook in that as long as you remain active for the majority of the day, either it be doing a small workout, walking to school and home and to other places within walking distance, even chores around your house or choosing the stairs over the elevator are all really good ways to incorporate exercise everyday.

As you can see from my current fitness routine I am running/walking for 45 minutes. I have found a routine that equals to exactly 3 miles, being a 5K and I do walking and running intervals which equals to 45 minutes normally.

I find this is perfect for me as being outdoors and running are my favorite form of exercise and the 5K with walking and running intervals makes me feel like I have had a really effective workout as I always feel so good afterwards!


Make sure you have really supportive sneakers. I have always been prone to shine and ankle pains from treadmills and hard pavement, so the shoes I wear are very important to me.

Drink lots of water. Hydration needs to be your new best friend! It is a never ending goal of mine to drink more water.

Listen to music. This keeps me motivated!

Download the Nike run app. This app has transformed my runs! It tracks my distance, time, average time, and the map of where I have ran. They have motivational trainers that compliment your progress and everything is saved and stored on the app. It is really useful and motivating to see the amount of miles you have run, add up.

My current goal is to just stay fit, however I have a vacation coming up in May to Jamaica which I am currently working on a more toned and slimmer body image for myself. Obviously using Jamaica and wearing a bikini as my main motivators! Find something for you to look forward to and base your fitness motivation on that!

Let me know if there is anything specifically related to fitness that you would like me to write a post on! I would love to hear any feedback from any readers 🙂

Hope your fitness journey is going as you would like! 🙂



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