Christmas is near, bringing good cheer….fa la la la… something like that haha


And happy December 1st! 🙂

I am super excited to begin Blogmas here on my blog! This has been a goal of mine for a while now and I am an individual who gets SUPER excited about everything Christmas, so creating as much Christmas related content as I can and transforming my blog over the next few weeks with festive fun, I am going to fully enjoy.

Disclaimer…. I want to mention I am in University haha so that may give a hint of what I am going to say. Like I said I have been thinking about doing Blogmas for awhile, and my initial plan was to get most of the content pre-created and pre-finished within the month of November so I wouldn’t be crazy busy in December. However….that didn’t happen. Haha, November month was super busy with school and extra curricular which I should have known and therefore didn’t get much Blogmas content completed. Now it’s December, AKA, exams period…SO…

What I am getting to is, yes I am still going to do Blogmas, BUT it may not be every single day! Maybe a post for every day of one week and then four posts the following week, or maybe just three posts every week. I am not too sure what I will be able to manage with juggling school as well, but regardless, my blog will be transformed with lots of fun, festive, Christmas content.

I hope you are super excited for what is to come and all the other celebratory things, feelings and excitements that all happen at this time of year.

So lets begin!! 🙂


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