Blogmas Day 2: 9 Winter Time Must Haves

I have decided to create a December month checklist and have included all the things I feel are a MUST HAVE this month and leading up to Christmas. So here we go:

  1. Advent Callender 

I have grown up with the tradition of having an Advent Calendar for the month of December and a small piece of chocolate every morning to count down the days until Christmas. I would hope you are all familiar with what this is and that you have purchased yours and have been enjoying the chocolate thus far 🙂


2. Candles  

The candles are always such a big thing this time of year. So many new scents, so many deals and with festive designs. Shopping for candles itself is such a huge celebratory event, at least it is for my best friend and I haha. You must pick up a few of the newest festive scents and have them burning in your home. Make your home literally smell like baked goods and Christmas!!


3. Fluffy socks

This is for when you read. This is for when you cook. This is for when you get out of the shower. This is for watching a Christmas film. I live in fluffy socks for the month of December haha. The ones in the picture are called Reading Socks and can be purchased at any large chain bookstore 🙂

4. A bath robe

The exact same reasons as why you need to buy fluffy socks. A robe is just full body comfort haha.


5. Coffee and any festive drinks

I am all about hot chocolates, festive drinks from Cafe’s and hot teas this time of year and I know 99% of everyone else is to, so this one is a given!

6. Booties and/or slippers

Booties is the term I use directed at the fluffy boots that are meant to be purchased and worn all winter. I live in these, I do quick errands in them, I wear them around the house. They are just perfect for easy wear and look festive and feel warm and cozy all at the same time 🙂

7. Knee high boots

Staying on the foot wear wagon, I think black, knee high boots are honestly something you have to have for the winter. They are super fashionable right now and can dress up any outfit as well as just be a simple foot wear to go out in. I absolutely love the ones I have, they are all black with a silver and gold zipper running up the side and they are slightly heeled. I bought them in Canada at a store called Call It Spring. (Wrong season haha)


8. A chunky scarf

I love these. When I go to lectures, they are the perfect thing to keep me warm but also to feel cozy and hating less the fact that I have to sit in a lecture hall for two hours. They are also really fashionable of course and will keep you warm!


9. A Christmas Day Countdown 

Last but not least, you must have something fun to count down the days left until Christmas. This year we opted for a little Santa where we can move the candy cane each day! Just something cute and fun 🙂

There are many more things that I could probably make a good argument for being another must in the winter and for Christmas but I think these are the tops and are just what I live by.

I really hope you enjoyed this post and are enjoying blogmas!

Talk again soon 🙂 Byeeee

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