Blogmas Day 3: Decorating for Christmas


One of the most exciting parts about the entire holiday season is decorating. And the best part about decorating is you can start in November and have the Christmas lights, festive drinks and a cozy, festive atmosphere at home for longer than just the month of December! I am one of those people who right after Halloween would like to start decorating but I do restrain from that, that might be a little much haha! (or maybe I am lying and actually did start right after Halloween this year…its getting bad haha)

The decorating process is super fun and can be a lot of work but my favourite part is when you are finished and its at night when you walk in the house or turn on all the twinkly lights and just sit down and feel so happy and content and just a cozy, festive atmosphere within your own home. It makes me want to make hot chocolate every night and read a book with some background Christmas music!

I think my two favourite decorations and ones that I think have the biggest impact on making a room super cozy and festive, are white or gold Christmas lights and a decorated Christmas tree. The best things ever!

This year my best friend, boyfriend and I decorated the apartment. It was lots of fun and beginning to turn into a winter wonderland for sure. It is actually super cozy in the living room and kitchen now, that we find ourselves just getting homework and/or a book and just sitting on the couch and just looking forward to coming home because its such a warm feeling. I absolutely love it!


As I mentioned, I am at University within Canada, so I will be flying to my home, in Bermuda where my parents are later on in December and will have a little bit of decorating to do there that hasn’t already been done, so thats also super exciting.





I really hope you are enjoying Blogmas so far. If you are turning in to all of the posts, let me know if there is something specific you would like for me to do 🙂

I hope you are enjoying all the festive decorations and have begun decorating your own living space!

Nothing works better than decorating to get you more into the festive spirit 🙂


One more day closer to Christmas! 🙂

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