Blogmas Day 5: YouTubers Vlogmas You Must Watch


I will start this post with a confession. I love YouTube in general, but I actually ADORE YouTubers Vlogmas.

Last December I believe I uploaded a post about my favourite YouTubers Vlogmas for that year, so I think its only right I do another one for this year 🙂

For those of you who may not be familiar with YouTube Vlogmas, there are certain YouTubers who will upload a video for every day of December up until Christmas and majority of them are Christmas festive themed. Vlogmas is literally like a mini Christmas film every day! Especially if you are already a big fan of certain YouTubers and they decide to participate in Vlogmas it is such an exciting treat to look forward everyday before Christmas Day. 🙂


The content that is created varies but its normally always super fun and festive and shares Christmas activities like decorating a tree, decorating your home, Christmas baking and cooking and Christmas retail hauls and what they do during the day, which again includes Christmas activities, so its just the best all around! There is.such a large amount of YouTubers online, a select few participate in Vlogmas but that still gives a wide range of different content, so hopefully there is something out there for everyone and we can all share the Christmas spirit!! 🙂

This year I have actually made a daily ritual dedicated to watching Vlogmas haha. After a nice hot shower, I grab some dinner or a small desert and I watch three of my favourite YouTubers and curl up in cozy clothes, make a warm drink and just get all festive feeling and its something I look forward to every day.

So without further adieu, here are my favourite YouTubers Vlogmas……



So Zoella is an even more exciting exception for Vlogmas because she has decided to Vlogmas on her two channels. So the first ones are her main videos where she so far has shared a fantastic Lush haul, a Christmas Sweater haul which gets a little crazy haha. But she also does on her second channel daily vlogs, so she shares what she is doing each day and so far its been with her friends and family which I have been watching her for awhile so I feel attached to all of them anyway and they have been celebrating the Christmas festive feel in Edinburg for the last few days.

I have to admit, Zoella is my ultimate favourite and has been for many years. You must check out her channel, I promise it will get you into the Christmas spirit and will make you want to get up and purchase chrsitmas decorations, sweaters, candles and all the things that make Christmas what it is 🙂



Tanya Burr is a YouTuber who I have watched for a long time but not regularly but I find that her vlogmas is just as good as making me feel all Christmasy and she is a very festive person and participates in daily vlogs so she shares all the festive activities she is doing each day with her husband, cute doggy and friends. So far they have included making a wreath from scratch, a Christmas party and decorating her tree and honestly all of these Vlogmas videos put together fills me up with excitement and I just feel like a little kid again!

I think a lot of older viewers will enjoy Tanya’s vlogmas as her content surrounds her married life, but nevertheless, super fun and exciting at the same time. Must check her out!




Another YouTuber I watch on a regular but this is the first year she has decided to participate in Vlogmas which of course I got even more excited! Niomi has decided to do daily vlogs and has shared decorating the Christmas tree and recently participated in the Victoria Secret Angels Christmas show which was actually really cool to see even though I am not largely interested in modelling. I am really looking forward to seeing what she will be doing every day and what Christmas activities.


Something niche about Niomi is she is largely interested in fitness and lives a vegan lifestyle which is the main reason why I began regularly watching her videos anyway, so her Vlogmas will actually share elements of her lifestyle and I just love that. Its interesting to see the chocolates and Christmas treats she enjoys as a vegan and what her Christmas dinner will be like, super exciting and interesting for me. For those of you who like lifestyles, you will really like Niomi and pair her regular content with Christmas content too, is all the more reason to add her to your Vlogmas viewing list! 🙂

Those are the three YouTubers who are participating in Vlogmas this year and that I highly recommend making time to check them out and watch their videos. I am not told to tell you these or in anyway trying to promote them, but simply I adore watching them and they are the best way to get me into the Christmas spirit and overall gain Christmas activity ideas, and really wanted to share them with you too!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and if you already watch these YouTubers or are now going to start, leave a comment and let me know what you think! Also let me know if there are any other Vlogmas content I should be watching! I tend to stick with the favourites so I don’t want to be missing out on any other great ones!

Another blogmas post tomorrow!! Bye 🙂

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