Blogmas Day 6: Edible Santa Hats

Little Santa hats!!!! When I saw these I instantly knew I had to make them. They are soo cute and these are super easy to make.

They would be perfect to do for a Christmas party to have a festive decorative treat or just a  really fun and easy recipe to make!

All you will need are:


A canister of whip cream (easier than scooping it out of the container yourself)

A package of the ready made brownies


  1. Set all the brownies out evenly.
  2. Place the whip cream in a circle around the top of the brownie to form the white fluff under the santa hat. The whip cream doesn’t have to be a filled in circle, just a ring to see around the strawberry when placed on top.
  3. Cut the green leaves off the strawberries and then place the strawberry on top of the ring of whip cream on the brownie.
  4. Next put a tiny ball of whip cream on top of the strawberry to form the white ball of Santa’s hat.



That’s it! 🙂

I personally think they are more fun and cute to make than enjoyable to eat, but nevertheless they are a really cute Christmas treat and as you can probably tell from the directions, super super easy to make.

Make sure to keep them in the refrigerator as they do go bad really quickly and oils will form and the whip cream will melt.

As you can see when I was making this, one of my close friends got me with the whip cream. Should have seen it coming haha.



I have really been into Christmas treats this year and have been spending a lot of time making the kitchen smell like cookies and festive deserts but I doubt anyone will complain about that haha.

Hope you are all enjoying my Blogmas and I will be here again tomorrow 🙂 Byee!

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