Blogmas Day 7: My Winter Night Time Routine

Hey guys, Writing this post right now feels really weird because the weather here in Ontario, Canada is surprisingly really good despite it being the winter season. Its actually sunny sometimes, occasional rain others and slightly breezy but almost fall weather-like. The fact that I can go out and wear just leggings and a sweatshirt and feel warm enough is a little surprising, but I am not going to complain. The longer the good weather remains, the better for everyone!

With that being said, night time of course does get pretty chilly. I always find myself rushing home from my last class or wherever I am to get a warm shower, make a hearty dinner and put on some warm cozy clothes.

So this leads me to sharing my winter night time routine with you:

Take care of my hair and skin:

I will get a really hot shower and start settling down for the night. Hot showers are what I look forward to more so on cold nights, especially if I am having to walk home from University and I am super cold, all I can think about is a hot shower.

I love to do an occasional “pamper” night, which I won’t go into too much detail because I will have a separate post all about it, but in the shower I will pull out exfoliator scrubs, my favourite scented body washes, do a deep hair conditioning and all that good stuff that is important for when your skin and hair are feeling dry and affected by the cold winds.

Also, after my shower I literally use a ton of lotion and just lather it all over my body. I am prone to dry skin in the winter months!

Cozy Up:

After my shower, my rule is to wear the comfiest of comfiest clothing. This mostly means I am wearing my lush white robe, which is super soft and warm and is an instant comfort. I will put on either really large fluffy socks or slippers, whatever I am most comfortable in essentially. Lately it has been all types of Christmas pyjamas 🙂


Next is dinner. I always look forward to a super yummy meal, something savoury and along the lines of comfort, hearty meals but still healthy. I am a vegetarian for those of you who do not know, so my meals do largely consist of mainly vegetables.

I recently made a barley soup and a kale, sweet potato and lentil bowl and these are a few examples of what I would eat in the winter months. Just cook lots of different ingredients, throw them all together, add whatever seasonings or sauces I am feeling that night, and there we go!


At this point, after I have made dinner, I really like to have Netflix or YouTube videos on in the background. I have to have entertainment when I eat and this also is my way of calming down at night and relaxing. 

If I am not watching YouTube or Netflix, I will be either be on the couch or the bar stools in the apartments kitchen and just hanging out and talking with my roommates. But no matter what, at some point every night, either during dinner or after, I will watch YouTube videos and catch up on the YouTubers I am subscribed too. Now even more so with Vlogmas happening, this is exactly what I look forward to at night 🙂


A few hours after dinner and just relaxing with some sort of entertainment, depending on if I am super tired or not, I will sometimes have a little treat before bed with a tea. I have recently made some Christmas cookies, recipe has been shared, so I have been having one of those a night as well as a new chocolate Christmas tea I recently purchased. I will enjoy these either again while talking to my roommates, or over some YouTube entertainment or I will pull out the book I am reading at the time.15193504_548884558651843_8627745819692888026_n
Winter reading is another common ritual of mine. Summers and winters are my times for reading lots of good books. The weather and free time just seems to work better for being able to read a lot more!



I like to be in bed by 9:30, just because I need time to actually fall asleep and have enough hours of sleep to wake up early the next morning. I have a new ritual that one of my friends introduced me to and that is having lavender essential oil by my bed, which honestly has transformed the quality of my sleep so much. I find I have a deeper sleep and I can honestly sleep through any noises, which is important when living with roommates and within a University apartment setting.

I sometimes read right before falling asleep as well, just because it has always been something to help me get to sleep and to feel tired.

Then I am off to dream world!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this blog post! 🙂

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