Blogmas Day 8: A Little Christmas Party

I decided to throw a spontaneous Christmas party for a past weekend with my boyfriend and best friend. I really enjoy throwing little events together and cooking is one of my hobbies so it all works together perfectly.
Heres what I had at my Christmas party:

Food of course…. πŸ™‚

Decided to do a quick and easy dish that everyone loves! Penne pasta with cheese and tomato sauce. This is also a meal my mom made a lot while growing up and is the definition of comfort food this time of year with the colder months.

As an appetizer platter I had cheese, different types of crackers and grapes. Simply, easy but yummy!

We decided to go all out and pair it with a drink that goes best, wine! πŸ™‚ I am not a big alcoholic drinker so this was definitely a little different for me but made it a little special.

Cannot forget deserts of course…



Christmas cookie classics!!! So yummy and opted with the super cute snowman cookies πŸ™‚




These look delicious, I know!! You will not believe that these are vegan donuts, but I swear to you they are and they taste so amazing and just like a donut that isn’t made vegan. There is a cookies and cream, holiday nog and candy cane donut in these pictures and I can tell you the candy cane donut was absolutely delicious!!

Christmas Setting…

Christmas music is needed at a Christmas party. Easily can find Christmas playlists online and I tend to always choose Michael Buble or the classics, they just get me into the festive spirit the most.


We had a candle lit and was in the decorated living room with all of our Christmas lights and it was a really nice night spent with two amazing people. πŸ™‚

A few nights before this particular one, I had another little Christmas festive night spent with my two roommates/friends and it was also lots of fun. Ill include a few pics here:

Made some Christmas cookies again, of course!
I have to boast a little, I have always been proud of my festive drink making skills…..these are some hot chocolate and chocolate teas I made for them and topped with whip cream, cinnamon and white chocolate chips πŸ™‚ Yum!


That night we just relaxed with some Christmas tunes, doing some homework and chatting and it was just really cozy and festive!


You really should plan a little Christmas get together with either friends or family and just put together some yummy treats, some Christmas music and get into festive comfy clothes and just enjoy the time together and celebrations!

I really hope you are enjoying Blogmas, I am really enjoying doing it!

Talk to you all again tomorrow, Byee πŸ™‚

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