Blogmas 10: How to Still Feel Festive Whilst Studying


I know a lot of people who have read my blog posts are within school like myself and this time of year largely surrounds end of term assignments and studying for the majority of us. I have already started in the studying crunch and I think it can be demotivating to know you have to study and have your head in books while the weather is super cold and Christmas celebrations are happening and I would for sure prefer to be spending my time participating in them and not worry about school.

So this has led me to writing this blog post, how to make studying a more positive experience and ultimately feel like you are festive with the season while simultaneously getting school things finished.

My first tip is to get out of the house! I know this may seem awful to have to layer up and go outside, especially if you are currently in a cold, snowy climate like myself. However getting out of your house with a friend or roommate and taking your work to a nearby cafe or lounge area will not only help you gain a new mental space for getting work done and avoiding your bedroom being a place for brain activity to later affect your sleep, but normally cafes and lounges are decorated for the Christmas season!


I have been going to Starbucks a lot which is decorated and you can treat yourself to a festive drink and wear festive and cozy clothes while studying.

This is my second tip. Take whatever you can that makes you feel comfortable and in the festive spirit! My friend and I will full on take winter shawls or throw blankets to where is acceptable and feel all cozy while studying. I think sitting by a window or glass wall is really nice because that atmosphere of you all warm inside with the cold and snow outside can be really comforting and relaxing. Another plus, normally background Christmas music is playing, but if not, bring some earphones and I will listen to background Christmas classics just to add all the more to the festive feels while studying.

15356518_553054241568208_7309871396260075106_n.jpg 15319112_553054204901545_1336252968846894534_n.jpg

My third tip is to obviously take breaks between studying but in those breaks do something Christmasy that you can look forward to and be a motivator to study. This could be watching an episode of vlogmas or reading someone’s blogmas or having a Christmas treat. The festive drinks available at cafe’s are perfect or maybe make your own Christmas treats at home and bring them with you! Maybe even doing some writing that is different from the content you are studying. I carry around a small notebook wherever I go and sometimes will just write and reflect on whatever is in my mind at that moment.

There are other little things that can help a little more to enjoy the studying process and have it still feel like Christmas and these could be use products with Christmas scents. Maybe use a bath and body lotion or perfume spray that is your favourite Christmas scent? Or wear an outfit that makes you feel festive for Christmas, that could be Christmas patterned leggings, a scarf or a red or green sweater, whatever you feel comfortable and festive wearing. This way you can be looking and smelling like Christmas! I love it when I will have a whiff of a Christmas scent I have sprayed before on a scarf.


Lastly, plan a festive activity to do later in the day once you finish studying. Tonight I have planned to do some Christmas baking, either mincemeat tarts, peanut butter cookies or a hot chocolate and this motivates you to work hard so you can enjoy that Christmas celebration at the end of each day. Maybe its reading your favourite book or genre or your favourite Christmas movie with warm fluffy socks and cozy festive pyjamas. I know thats what I look forward to paired with watching vlogmas of course!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! I can’t believe how quickly blogmas is moving along, let alone this entire year just flying by! Does anyone else feel like this? Soon I will have to be uploading in relation to New Years Resolutions for 2017! Thats insane.

Anyway, I will see you tomorrow for another blogmas! 🙂

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