Blogmas Day 13: New Year Goals


We are just over half way to Christmas which I hate to think about, because we all know the run up to Christmas Day is the best part and to be writing a New Year Goals post means New Years Day is soon to be around the corner, that December is flying by too quickly and that Christmas will be here really soon! However, it also means we still have about half of the time left, and not only is it important to continue using this time to celebrate and get into festive spirit and spend time with friends and family, eating all of your favourite food and deserts with Christmas carols and films in the background, but also to use this time to reflect on the year that is passing and think about the year that is to come.

Every year there is always a period where people begin thinking about their goals but normally will write their goals a week or a few days before the New Year. However, no matter how big or small your goals may be, a lot of thought should be given to them and really thinking about maybe how to create a better you or how to achieve that goal you have been wanting to achieve forever but still have yet to. I think its important to give lots of time for your goals and thats exactly what I have done this year and I thought I would share a few tips with you, to make sure you are choosing realistic goals but also thinking about how you will achieve them.


One thing you should know about me is I LOVE to plan. Give me a planner and tell me to plan my life for the next month, I would love to! But then it comes down to actually following that plan and thats where things begin to fall off track and over time gets lost in life’s busy schedule.

So here is the outlook that I have taken on this time:

  1. Imagine who you want to be or become

Before you write down any concrete goals, thing about those times where you have maybe said “I wish I did fitness everyday like her” or “I wish I was that ambitious and completed my homework as soon as I got it.” Those things that you say you wish you were, you can be. You are an incredible individual as you are right now, but that does not mean you are limited to becoming a better version of your current self. Figure out the things you really do want to improve, the characteristics you want to gain or the things you want to incorporate into your life. Vision a future you. What would you want to have or to be doing? These are the things that really matter to you and these are the things that you should base your goals around.images-1.jpeg

2. Make sure your goals are realistic

Not only is it important to make sure these goals are for you and
what you want, but also that they are ealistic and achievable. Can you vision smaller steps that you can take in order to reach that goal over the coming year? Does it seem achievable?

3. Objectives, strategies and tactics

This is the approach I decided to take this year with my goals. I wrote down my broad, main goals I wanted to achieve. All together I came up with three. These are the objectives.  Next you can figure out your tactics, therefore what needs to be done in order to achieve the goal or objective. One of my goals was to be a healthier and happier version of myself. Therefore my tactics were to eat more natural and clean and workout more frequently and consistently. Next are the strategies. These are the specific little things that you will do in order to carry out the tactic and therefore eventually reach the objective or your goal. My strategy would be, each week write my fitness schedule and meal prep on Mondays and Thursday’s every week.

Using an objective, tactic and strategy, chops your goals down to simpler terms in which each week you can do something small that is working towards your main goal and this way you are more likely to remain consistent and not fall off track in reaching your main goals!

4. Use reminders and plan

Put into your schedule your strategies each week, and set reminders and motivations for yourself. Keep yourself accountable and understand that this is for you! If you decide to quit, you are not hurting anyone else but yourself as you have the potential to achieve any goals you want to!

Ill share my three broad goals with you:

My first goal like I mentioned is to be a happier and healthier version of myself. My second goal is to foster a better relationship with myself and my future. My third goal is adulting.

I always get really excited for New Year Goals. Like I said, I love to plan and thats what my goals normally consist of and I know if I stick to it and use this method, as soon as I see results and improvements, that will be the biggest motivator of all!

Now get goal thinking and I hope this approach helps you stay on track for 2017!

Thanks for reading and tune in again tomorrow for another blogmas post! Bye 🙂

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