Blogmas Day 14: Gift Ideas

I would hope that you have at least started your Christmas shopping as of now, but if you havent, hopefully this post will give you some good ideas for some really nice gifts to get for the people you care about this Christmas. I know a lot of bloggers and youtubers have shared gift giving content, but I think the more the merrier. Everyone may have one slightly different idea than the others.

Ive decided to go with a universal range of gift options. Some can be for boyfriends, girlfriends, mother’s, fathers, best friends or secret santas. There is something here for everyone! So lets begin:

The latest best seller Novel


For those people who love to read. Best sellers are normally the safest way to go, if majority of the people who have read it enjoyed it, then it is very likely any reader will enjoy it too. This is one of my favourite gifts to get on any occasion, or if your not sure of what genre they enjoy reading, even a gift card to their nearest book store will be suitable and just as meaningful.

Their favourite movie on DVD


I think this gift idea is actually really thoughtful. There is something special about being given a movie that is your favourite and will instantly make you happy, so for you being the gift giver, I guarantee you will be making a good choice.

Warm and fluffy reading socks


They are called reading socks but by no means are they limited to just readers. I have purchased these for myself this year and they are the biggest, warmest and fluffiest socks I ever did see. With winter season here, I think anyone would enjoy some warm fluffy socks to have for those cold out of the shower moments or tucked up in bed.



Candles I find are a quite diverse gift. There are many different scents available for different preferences and sometimes its nice to just pick a scent you like, because for all you know it can turn out to be their new favourite or be a way of remembering the thought was from you. There are also super festive and gorgeous candle holders that can be paired with the candle to make the perfect gift.

Perfume or Cologne


This could be hard if you do not know the person and the scents they prefer, either sweet or musky, but sometimes taking a risk is good. Similar to the candle idea, it can be their new favourite scent after all! I think receiving perfume is such a luxury gift and especially for girls is something we can always use, but there are also really nice colognes that will make for a great gift for the guys you know.

A plush throw blanket or throw pillow


This is another really thoughtful gift that can be quite universal.  A pillow with a really nice quote, a pretty image or just a solid colour and really soft can be a great gift and change up a room. A throw blanket as well is something everyone can appreciate for a cold night when you just feel like being wrapped up.

A jar with all-you-need cookie ingredients


I think this can be a gift for a family, or just a child. It creates a memory from the gift as they can make it with friends or family and it turns into something really special, let alone yummy! I remember I received this one year and I was super excited to make it and eat more desert because at Christmas, just one more desert won’t kill you!

A collage picture frame with pictures from over the years


This can be very nostalgic and an extremely thoughtful gift. Include pictures over the years of that person and people who are close to them or just you and that person sharing all of your memories and in a pretty frame it can be the perfect gift!

A large mug


You cannot go wrong with a mug. I always feel there is a perfect size for a mug depending on if its for hot chocolate, tea or coffee so think about what that person normally drinks. There are so many options out there for the different designed mugs, but a lot of them are super cute and anyone can use it!

Beauty product packages


This is obviously more for the women in your life, but a lot of stores make it easier around Christmas time. There are already made packages that include different beauty products, scents, soaps and lotions or whatever you decide for the person you are buying for. This can be really special and useful!

Well I hope you can find something out of this list as a gift for someone you know around Christmas time. Buying presents shouldn’t be stressful, its the thought that counts and is another part of the festive spirit!

Good luck shopping! 🙂

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