Blogmas Day 15: December Favourites

I guess this post is similar to regular monthly favourites but I thought every year for the month of December, new and exciting things happen and I feel new favourites form for things around Christmas time, and I know there have been specific things that I have been loving this month and of course because they are christmasy, I feel it is only right to bring them here to blogmas.

So here are my December favourites for this year ūüôā

Favourite Christmas songs:

Of course the Christmas classics are still what I listen to no matter what, but these are three songs that I have recently discovered and have been loving!

Shake Up Christmas by Train

Merry Christmas Everyone by Shakin Stevens

Christmas Lights by Coldplay 

Take a moment to listen to all of them, they are really really nice and will get you feeling ready for this Christmas!



Favourite Christmas Movies:

I have already made my favourite Christmas movie posts which include many classics but here are a few that are new to me or that I have really enjoyed this particular month:


A Madea Christmas (I just watched this and honestly had so many good laughs! I would recommend this to have a laugh with your family but still be in the Christmas loving spirit!)

Christmas with the Cranks

The Polar Express is my all time favourite Christmas movie every year but I am having to wait impatiently until I fly home to watch that one this year, but I know it would make it on this months favourites regardless!



Favourite Christmas Treats:

No doubt, hot chocolate with whip cream on top

Christmas decorated donuts 

Anything with candy cane or peppermint, drinks or deserts. 



Favourite Clothing this Month:

My Black Infinity Scarf 

Fluffy Socks 


Christmas Decorated Sweaters and Jumpers

Christmas Pyjamas 




Favorite Book:


I have read soo many good books this month so far and stay tuned for a blog post on them all, so excited to share it with you, but as for a sneak peak…

The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena (I recommend this to anyone who wants a good suspense/thriller novel that you can cozy up by the fire with)



Favourite December Memory Thus Far:

I will have to say its between three: Christmas shopping with my boyfriend and best friend, baking in the kitchen or decorating the apartment. As I have mentioned many times, I fly home within the next few days and that will for sure be even more eventful and exciting so I cannot wait!



Favorite Beauty Product:

Hypnosis Mascara by Givenchy (I only recently tried this out and it is honestly my new favourite mascara, if you like your eyelashes really long and open which I think is perfect for opening up your eyes and pairs nicely with any Christmas look, then you will really like this mascara)



Thats it for this months favourites. Let me know in the comments what you have been loving yourself! And anything I have listed that you are not familiar with, I recommend you give them a go!

See you tomorrow for another blogmas! ūüôā Bye!


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