Blogmas Day 18: How to Deal with Holiday Shopping Stress


Now I personally love when shops get busy and streets are filled with Christmas shoppers because its just another way to let me know that Christmas is near, but I do understand the stress that can come along with it and that not everyone may enjoy it.

Sometimes having busy streets and shops paired with the stress of last minute Christmas shopping for the people you care about can all get a bit overwhelming and damper the Christmas spirit, however I have decided to share a few tips that may help make those situations a little less stressful and a little more enjoyable, so here we are:




Go with a friend

Having a positive and cheerful friend to go along with can make the last minute Christmas shopping more of a fun event that you can easily turn into laughing at the crazy, busy people rather than getting more and more annoyed by them. Maybe even a family member who can have a good laugh and make you into a better mood too. I love to do last minute Christmas shopping with my Dad because it always ends up being a good time.



Grab your favourite drink to enjoy in the process

I love to have a caramel latte or a hot chocolate in my hand when I am having to browse through stores or just simply want to stay warm. This can help keep your mind a little less off of the busy situations and make it more enjoyable for you.


Have a plan

This is definitely a great way to make sure you are staying on track getting everything that you went out to get or to see and therefore you feel less scattered brained with the cray atmosphere and you can feel more focused.


Split it up

Sometimes it can be a little too much to go one day and try to get everything done while trying to stay successful and trying to cooperate with the busy shops, so maybe divide it up over two different days. Divide the people you are buying for or divide the shops into two different visits, that way you have two different chunks to tackle and hopefully with it being more strategic you can enjoy it, be successful and not mind as much, than having one big giant rat race.



Christmas Shop Online

For those of you who may really hate the busy time of the year or even have anxiety about it, with the technology and digital world expanding, you can stay in bed all morning and purchase your Christmas shopping this way! Definitely can create a relaxed setting with this option haha.


I hope this blogmas post can help some of you and possibly make the festive, crazy and busy time of the year more enjoyable and you are capable in getting all of your Christmas shopping  successfully completed.

See you tomorrow for another blogmas post! Bye 🙂


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