Blogmas Day 19: Books for December


Now your probably wondering what books are specifically written for December and Christmas time? Well I haven’t included actual specific books for this time of year, nor do I know of any but I thoroughly enjoy specific genres around this time of year.

With it being a little darker and colder out, I find I crave a read that is darker, typically a thriller and known to be a page turner. Therefore I have visited the nearest bookstore to me and have had staff recommendations of novels that are really good and fit this description to satisfy my winter reading habits.

Honestly what is more comforting than putting on some fluffy socks, making a hot tea or hot chocolate and curling up with a really deep thriller!

So here are some books I have read for this month thus far and I am actually super excited to share these with you, so lets go:


  1. The Couple Next Door

Written by the author Shari Lapena and has become an instant New York Bestseller was such an engaging read. I was recommended this from many staff members at the bookstore and they told me it would be a page turner and boy were they right! I finished this book in a few days and gave it to my roommate to read who finished it even quicker than myself and loved it equally.

It is a dark, thriller, suspense and a plot twister all in one. The storyline is easy to follow in that the events happen chronologically so you are not being thrown all over the place, but the actual plot has many twists that there is no way you can get bored! It is a mix between suspense, a love story, slightly sexual parts but not descriptive, and overall very very intriguing. It will have you guessing and judging each of the characters differently while the plot moves along and you will find yourself fully engaged and finished before you know it. When I was finished I was left with that feeling of ‘am I going to find another book just as good?!’

Trust my recommendation and read this book next! You won’t regret it.

2. The Silent WifeUnknown.jpeg

This book is intriguing and strangely eerie. For a large part of it, as you are slowly learning about the characters and specifically the wife’s character, a dark and strange atmosphere is created leaving you wondering and just feeling really odd while reading. This book had me absolutly annoyed with some characters and strangely attached to others and overall the plot felt like a ticking time bomb, just waiting for an explosion to happen amongst the characters. Because of such an eerie and mysterious setting being reflected throughout the entire book, those of you who may not like to be left hanging until the end may not like this one. However for sure a dark setting and a page turner in the way that you want to know what is going on and what is going to happen.


3. I See You by Clare Mackintosh


Wholly crap! This is the best read out of them all this month. It was such a good suspense, murder mystery, with a cat and mouse plot that took so many turns leaving no better way to describe it than an amazing page turner. I couldn’t put it down and every plot twist I would have to pause and literally a ‘no way’ moment. I highly recommend this one! Its one thing to have many plot twists, but its such a great book when the twists are so unexpected and so hard to believe. You will find yourself guessing, left in shock and judging characters differently all to often.

4. Behind Closed Doors29437949.jpg

Another suspenseful thriller of course and revolves around the relationship between a husband and wife with a story line that moves back and forth between past and present. This works very well for the book and from the very first few chapters throughout the entire book you slowly begin to get more and more information about the couple and I cannot describe it any other way but super super creepy. From the beginning I was already reacting out loud and getting shivers up my spine. You are left feeling nervous to read on but you can’t help but continue, it hooks you in from the very start for sure! Anther must read!

And there you have it, all the books I have read and highly recommend to read during these winter months!

I find I go through periods where I read but I don’t come across really impressive books or books that sticks with me and then I have a period where I am literally finding all the best books one after another, and these I have shared with you, for sure are some really great reads that I haven’t come across in a while!

Please write a comment, either suggesting me some books you have been loving or some you think I would really enjoy reading next! I would really like that!

Well I hope you enjoyed this post and no surprise here, I will see you again tomorrow for another blogmas! 🙂 Bye.


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