Blogmas Day 20: Festive Yogurt Bark


I recently found a recipe that was easy enough to follow to make yogurt bark. It looked like such a fun thing to make and is a perfect healthy treat.

It isn’t necessarily Christmasy but can still pass as a treat to serve at maybe a Christmas party or an activity to do with friends or family over the holidays.


1 large container of yogurt of your choice.

Desired toppings.


Use a baking sheet and place wax paper to cover the baking sheet.

Spread the yogurt evenly about half an inch thick.

Place desired toppings all over the yogurt.

Leave the tray in the freezer overnight and in the morning break into pieces and keep in the freezer. (I put mine the first time in the fridge and it ended up melting back to regular yogurt consistency, even though it still tasted good haha)

What I used:

I decided to go with plain Greek yogurt and used honey as a sweetener and drizzled it all on the top. I chopped up some strawberries and placed them on top along with blueberries and raspberries. I found as soon as it comes out of the freezer, break into brittle and leave in the freezer!


I hope you enjoy making this healthy treat and let me know what toppings you use if you decide to make it! I am really looking forward to making another one. I am going to use cinnamon, a chocolate or peanut butter swirl, cranberries and nuts. Yum!



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