Blogmas Day 21: Festive Game To Play

I stole this idea from Zoella’s YouTube channel and it is a pass the parcel game with a little festive twist. It is lots of fun! I ended up putting it all together and played it as a group of three with my boyfriend and best friend but it can be played with as many people as you like.

Essentially something small and that can be easily wrapped is the best thing to use. I used a small, decorated cardboard box and you will need Christmas wrapping paper and under each layer of wrapping paper you will place a card that has an act or question for the person to do. You will need a stop watch and we found 10-15 seconds will do, and all the players will pass the parcel around with Christmas music of your choice in the background and each time the timer goes off, the player left holding the box has to unwrap one layer of wrapping paper and complete what the card says.


Depending on what you choose to write on the card it can be super fun and crazy and you can make it all Christmas related or whatever you would like. With the three of us, I had about 35 cards/layers of wrapping paper and used 10 seconds and it worked out really well.

I decided to make mine Christmas themed and included questions such as:


Explain how you found out that Santa wasn’t real

What was the best Christmas gift you have ever received?


I found actions were a lot more fun and enjoyable for everyone and really made the game exciting and some that I choose to include were:


Grab shaving cream and make a Santa beard on yourself

Use the rest of the wrapping paper to wrap the person to your right like a present 

Eat a spoonful of mincemeat pie filling


The creation of the game did seem like a lot of work as I was creating around 35 different things to do as well as wrap 35 layers of the box for each card but truthfully I am glad I went ahead and did it because it seriously was a lot of good laughs and a really great Christmas game and memory. We all really enjoyed it and it got a little crazy and messy but definitely is a great activity to play around Christmas time with friends and family!

I cannot believe Christmas is almost here. I feel like I have blinked and December flew by.

I hope you all are enjoying the festive season and I imagine everyone is on holiday break from school so fill your days with yummy treats and drinks and the Christmas spirit.

See you again tomorrow for another blogmas! 🙂



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