Blogmas Day 23: Home for Christmas

Hey guys! For those of you who may not have been reading my blogmas posts I have mentioned a few times that I would be flying back home from university shortly for Christmas and as I am writing this, I am home and super happy to be here.

I thought it would be nice to share what festive things are happening at home with my family and myself and it definitely feels like Christmas is right around the corner which I don’t know how I entirely feel about that, but I do know that I am soo excited.

So here are a few things that I have been up to and how I have been enjoying these days leading up until Christmas.

First and foremost, BAKING! And lots of it!

My mom and I literally were in the kitchen for hours, with Christmas music in the background, flour all over the kitchen counter and our clothes and my dog looking and sniffing for anything to fall for her to eat.



We always make batches of sugar cookies for Christmas and chocolate chip. Easy, festive, delicious!



While baking all of these cookies I was snacking on something that seems to be another of my favourites this month and thats mini donuts. They are so darn good!


After all the sugary festive fun, I then began the Christmas task of wrapping all the presents for people. Now I know lots of people actually do not like doing this but this is one of my favourite things about Christmas. I love gift giving and buying things that I know people will love, and wrapping all the gifts is a perfect way to feel the Christmas spirit and I just find it so exciting. It’s what makes me think Christmas is actually near! Besides the lights, drinks, deserts and music of course haha!


My parents decorate the outside of the house every year and it is always such a great thing to come home to and at night it just makes everything look so much more festive and it brings back childhood memories. I find it really sad that many people have decided to not decorate the outside of their houses as much the last few years, it was always one of my favourite activities, to go for a drive with a hot chocolate and look at all the Christmas lights, so the few house that still get decorated I am so appreciate of.



A tradition my mom and I have is we always decorate the Christmas tree together so she waited until I got home and I have to say, it looks so nice!




Clearly Tamber agrees!

And lastly, I am making sure I use my December break and this Christmas season to relax, do all of my favourite things like read, spend time with pets and family and be by the beach.




I hope you are all having a relaxing and festive time yourselves and are making the most of it. Blogmas is soon coming to an end and I cannot believe it!

I hope you have enjoyed another post and I will see you all again tomorrow! Bye! 🙂

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