Blogmas Day 24: Christmas Traditions


Hi everyone! Happy Christmas Eve!

I love any family traditions, I think they are really cute but especially for Christmas I love hearing about the different activities and routines families do, so I thought I would share my own. Christmas is really big within my family and over the years we have created a few traditions of our own…


Cinnamon rolls, coffee and hot chocolate for Christmas morning breakfast 

Open one present Christmas Eve night

Open main presents first and stockings last 

My family have their usual places we always sit when opening presents and I normally give them out to everyone

We create stockings for our pets

The traditional foods my family have are mincemeat tarts, pecan tarts, Christmas pudding and the Christmas dinner is always turkey, ham, stuffing, mashed potato, vegetables and other side dishes and sparkling juice 

Normally we have egg nog around Christmas time 

Christmas crackers at dinner

Use our fireplace and play Christmas carols when opening gifts


When I was a little kid, some things were a little different:

I would always leave out cookies and milk for Santa. I would create reindeer food and leave it on the lawn. I would be in bed early so I wouldn’t see Santa.



I hope you enjoyed this blogmas post! 🙂 And I cannot believe when I wake up tomorrow it will Christmas Day!!!!!!!

I wish you all a Merry Merry Christmas!!


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