How to Make your Day Productive


Happy New Year everyone!
I hope you all had a great holiday season and end to 2016 and are excited for a new beginning of 2017.

With New Year resolutions being thought and talked about a lot this time of year, I thought it would be helpful to share a few tips on how to make your day the most productive it can be. No matter what your goals are or how specific your plans are, I always think its important to live each day to its fullest and for me part of that is being productive.

So here are a few tips that can help you start and end your day satisfied:


  1. Write a list of the things you want to achieve that day or week

I am really big on lists and planning, in fact I live by it. Having your goal for the day or week clearly outlined and visionary, will help your mind stay focused and you will be more likely to coordinate and plan your actions towards achieving that goal.

2. Schedule your day

Possibly each morning or the night before, set some time aside to write up a schedule either an hourly schedule or any method that you prefer the most, and put in either the classes you have that day, your work schedule or any chores or activities you want to complete. This way you can see where you can fit in everything and have set your day up to get the important things completed and avoid wasting your day and getting caught up in unproductive things. Unknown-1.jpeg3. Put in time for you

In order to feel motivated or energized to complete all you want to in your day, make sure to set aside some time for yourself. This can be an activity or hobby that you enjoy, make a relaxing bath or time to read a little more of your book or maybe time at the gym. Always ensure to take care of yourself as well as your responsibilities, as you cannot go go go and neglect to take care of yourself. Productivity will not happen from a tired body or brain!

4. Notes can be your new best friend

This is more of a tip and similar to planning, have a little notebook with you at all times so if there are things you need to remember or do later, you can quickly write them down in order to stay organized. Then at a certain time of the day make sure you complete or organize all that you have noted. This will allow you to remember things easily, keep on track and stay productive.

5. Reflect

This one is something that most people may not think about but reflecting is very important. Being productive and ticking off completed tasks is a great thing but only if you reflect on your success is it then really satisfying. At the end of the day, even just through thoughts about the day or maybe writing in a journal, reflecting can also put your mind at ease as I know for me, whatever is floating around in my head, as soon as I write it down, I feel a lot better and am more able to relax. Almost as if you are putting the day to rest. This is a good habit to try!


I hope these tips are helpful to you. If you do not already have a good planner that you use I will recommend you purchasing one. Planning can really change your life and make you much more productive and organized.

I wish you all the best with your New Year goals and all the best with becoming more productive.

Bye for now! 🙂

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