What I do if I am Having a Hard Day


Hey everyone, I hope you all are having a good start to the week and had a great weekend, and I hope the topic of this post isn’t relevant for you right now. But if so, here are some tips for those of you who may be having a tough start to the week, a bad day or just generally feeling in a down mood.

My first tip: Identify what it is causing you to have a bad day or mood. 

If its thoughts, try not to push them away but actually try to deal or cope with them. Pushing away what is bothering you will not make it disappear. I like to write whats on my mind or do something that allows me to think, like running or cooking. Try to face the problem positively and realistically. What can you do to help it?

My second tip: Put time aside for just you.images.jpeg

Especially if you are having a bad day or in a slump, you need to make effort for yourself just as you would if your friend or family was upset. Mindful minutes is something new I have put more effort into for this year and an app I strongly recommend is Headspace. It requires 10 minutes of your day to just pause, relax and is similar to meditation (and its free). Other options are yoga, planning a pamper night which I have many posts dedicated to or even just getting away from everything and engulf yourself into a tv show or a good book.

My third tip: Don’t let the bad win.

It is important to understand what it is thats bothering you or causing a bad day and focus on it as a real problem however it is a problem you will overcome and can learn to cope with. If its a bad day, take a breath, smile and deal with it head first. It will feel so good to know that you coped and it is all over after. If its a bad mood, try to surround yourself with positive. Positive people, fun activities, distracting activities. I like to go see a movie and just forget about everything for a few hours. Know that whatever it is, you are stronger than it, and it will only get better over time. Nothing lasts forever.


I hope this helps. Finding what you love and what makes you happy is so important.

I wish you all happy days 🙂

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