What I Have Been Loving Lately

Hey everyone!

I hope the week has been treating you good so far. Its been really rainy here in St Catharines the past few days so trying to make the most of it.

I thought I would share a few things I have been loving. Its a random mix, but nonetheless a great mix.

Firstly, the Skinny Tea by David’s Tea

900637dt01var0020389-bi-1.675.pngI have been having a cup of this tea everyday with just plain hot water and it is really yummy. It isn’t a sweet taste or a strong spice taste, its in the middle and just a mild flowery taste. I really like it, theres not much to it to make someone not like it I guess. The tea is a digestive tea made with oolong which to be all technical is a Chinese secret for dampening hunger and thats why it is called the Skinny tea. I really enjoy it and I find it is pretty good at controlling cravings so definitely give it a try if you are a tea drinker and this seems to interest you.




I know this isn’t something crazy and new but if you guys have been following along with my new lifestyle routine post a week or two ago, you will know I have been meal prepping and experiencing again a vegan diet. Because of this, Pinterest has become my new best friend, again. It is such a help to look up vegan meal options and I have excitedly each week been researching new meals to try and include in my meal prep so I have been having a lot of fun with that. For some reason you haven’t yet used or looked at Pinterest, really go take a moment to. It is an awesome website, perfect for sharing or motivating ideas, recipes, decorating and so much more.


Gilmore Girls


I decided to watch Gilmore Girls from the beginning on Netflix in December and I haven’t stopped watching since. There are quite a few seasons on Netflix so I have been making my way though the episodes and I am hooked. I know a lot of people have probably watched Gilmore Girls in the past and I bet was at some point a favourite for you as well. It is not my typical tv show I normally watch (normally its crime, investigative, murder type dramas) but this switch to a more relaxed and heart warming tv show seems to be what I really am enjoying these past few weeks.


Lastly for the month of December and into the beginning of January before school got more busy, I was reading book after book after book. I uploaded a post not too long ago but I have really been obsessing over best seller thriller novels. 


A few favourites, that I spoke more about in a past reading post are The Couple Next Door, Behind Closed Doors and I See You. If you haven’t read any of these and you are into page turning thriller and suspense novels, you would really enjoy these. If your interested check out my last reading post, I go into more depth about each of the books, but no spoilers of course.

Well theres a few things I have been loving and I would really like if there is something you have really been loving these past few weeks, either food, books, products or TV shows that you can share in the comments. Look forward to hearing from you and I hope you enjoy the rest of your week. Bye 🙂

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