My Fitness Week

Hey guys! Im going to share with you a week of my fitness diary (were just going to call it that). Essentially I am going to show you my meal prep and my workouts for the past week!

Before I start, I just wanted to share a little bit of background. I am partaking in a vegan diet so the meals I share are all plant based however can easily be substituted to fit with your own dietary preferences. The workouts have all been from the workout guide by Kayla Itsines.



I organize my meal prep in my planner and I always meal prep on Sundays for Monday to Thursday including breakfast, lunch and dinner, and then I meal prep again on Thursday for Friday, Saturday, Sunday. I hope thats not confusing! Each week I plan my meals for what I need to purchase at the grocery store and what I will make on the Sundays and Thursdays.

As for my workouts, the BBG program has a schedule already to follow. Mondays, Wednesday’s and Fridays are resistant training, one day is legs and butt, the next is arms and abs, then Fridays are always full body. Tuesday’s, Thursday’s and Saturday’s are my choice of cardio and Sundays are always a rest day.

So here is my last week’s fitness schedule:


Breakfast: Overnight oats with chocolate protein powder and berries                               Lunch: Broccoli Quinoa Burgers with tomato and avocado as garnishes                          Dinner: Eggplant Lasagna Rolls with tofu riccotta

Workout: Legs and Butt (The way the circuits work are you complete circuit one and then circuit 2 and repeat them both again.) Approximately 20-30 minutes in total.

Screen Shot 2017-01-29 at 3.25.17 PM.png



Same meal prep.

Workout: 35 Minutes of cardio – 12 minutes on the elliptical, 12 minutes on the treadmill and 12 minutes cycling



Same meal prep.

Workout: Arms and Ab

Screen Shot 2017-01-29 at 3.27.11 PM.png



Same meal prep.

Workout: 35 minutes of cardio. 20 minutes on the treadmill and 15 minutes spinning.



Breakfast: Spicy tofu scramble with cherry tomatoes                                                                 Lunch: Pesto quinoa salad with asparagus                                                                                     Dinner: Vegetable bolognese with zucchini pasta


Workout: Full body

Screen Shot 2017-01-29 at 3.54.26 PM.png



Same meal prep.

Workout: 35 minutes of cardio. 20 minutes on the treadmill and 15 minutes spinning.



Same meal prep.

Rest day.






I enjoy watching vlogs or reading blogs where people share their routines and sometimes even if you wanted to have a different week and change things up for yourself, you can follow someone else’s schedule as a little challenge.

Im planning to do more of these, as well as include recipes for the vegan meals I make for meal prep. Let me know in the comments if there is anything specific you would like to see! I really enjoy reading comments 🙂

Thank for reading!

5 thoughts on “My Fitness Week

  1. Great work! Taking care of your meal prep and being consistent about it will make a huge difference in your fitness journey. Be sure to give yourself little incentives every time you reach a short term and long term goal!


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