My New Habits


Hey guys, I hope you are all having a great beginning to the week. If your days are anything like mine, I understand you are swamped with work, dodging either rain or snow to and from class and making that painful process of getting over a cold. But hey, if we didn’t have the challenges in life, the good things wouldn’t feel as good, so lets keep positive!

Within the past month or so, I guess you could say I have created a few “after New Year Goals.” There are a few things that I have been incorporating into my lifestyle and now have began to make them new and healthy habits. These I thought I would share with you 🙂tumblr_n3lopr0UUl1rkm4r8o1_500.jpg

The first one is as soon as I wake up I either make a tea, or a smoothie with a lot of liquid or an infused water with either lemon or lime to start my day off hydrated. I actually have always had this goal in the back of mind to remind myself to drink more water but especially for the past month or so, I have been waking up and feeling super thirsty so this has made it a lot easier to just begin drinking a glass as soon as I wake up and make it a routine each morning. I always carry around a large water bottle with me during the day as well which I recommend to you.


A second habit, is I try to take one day during the week to use as a catch up with myself. My days are normally very busy and sometimes this means I don’t find time to do things, so setting a day aside to do everything I need to has been a good introduced habit. Things I normally do are painting my nails, any face masks if my face is feeling dry or having a lot of problem areas, maybe exfoliating and carrying out a full shower pamper routine, anything that I need to catch up with to make myself feel better and brand new again. This could also be modified to maybe work related things you have to do such as catching up on emails or any things on your to-do list you have yet to complete. Maybe catch up with your fitness and healthy lifestyle and take the time out to meal prep, save new recipes for the week and make your grocery list. Whatever it is that normally gets neglected due to your busy schedule, take a day for just those things!


My third new habit is changing the way I think and talk to myself. This may sound a little weird but what I mean by this is I have started to try and shift my mindset to a more positive self-love approach. You will be surprised without even knowing you are doing it, by how often you say or think negative things about yourself. “Why can’t I be better at this” or “She seems way more organized than I am” or “I am never going to do this.” These simple negative thoughts or comparing yourself to others and making your self-worth less than it is, are very harmful things that you are doing to yourself. I have started to bat away these thoughts as soon as they enter in my head and realize that I have accomplished a lot, I have been successful and I deserve a little more support and kindness from myself. We should all be kinder to ourselves and avoid comparing ourselves to others and changing thoughts like “why can’t I do this” to thoughts like “I can do this, I just need to take five.”



Happy. Positive. Thoughts.


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