My Plans for a Week Break

Hey everyone,

I am in University in Canada and it is the time of year for winter break or reading week. I am going home for just a little longer than a week, I leave Thursday afternoon on a flight back home to Bermuda and I am really looking forward to it.

I know a lot of people who read my blogs are also in University, therefore similarly will have a reading week or some sort of break coming up. Therefore I have decided to share a few goals I have for the week, mainly a mix of ways I plan to relax as well as be productive, stay on track with my healthy lifestyle and make the most of the break. Hopefully some of these things resonate with you and you can also do during the coming break!

Redesign my space

As I mentioned, I am in University and have been for three years and therefore I have lived away from home for quite awhile. I have changed over time and therefore I feel I want to redesign my space at home to match how my lifestyle, thoughts and interests have changed since before I left for University. Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 3.40.40 PM.png

I plan to maybe change one of my walls, currently they are all white, but I may paint one wall a light grey or a grey-blue. I want to have that wall for encouraging productivity, possibly use that wall to have my desk against, put a wall calendar up to organize dates and goals and place my book shelves here as well. I strongly feel changing your space is positive, it allows for a new perspective and you get excited for something different but specifically I have wanted my room to be designed in a way that encourages productivity and clarity and focus in my mind. Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 3.32.06 PM.png

Find an external space

Similarly as stated above, creating a space at home for productivity and clarity, I also want to find a place at home in Bermuda that I can begin to go to and be productive but for the times I may not want to stay at home. Being in University, there is a large atmosphere of students going to cafe’s, coffee shops and other areas for studying and getting school work done and I have really enjoyed public places like these for the last three years and do not want to say goodbye to that.

Bermuda is small so we do not have a typical Starbucks or well known cafe that people gather and socialize at, so that is something I want to find when I am home, a place that substitutes this the best. I want to try and make it a routine to go to a place like that and get things done and work towards my goals. The places you work at are just as important as the things you are doing! A routine forms and encourages production.


Meal Prep

I don’t know if this is a habit I have individually picked up, but typically when I go home I normally fall off track with eating healthy and exercising and essentially I put a halt to my lifestyle goals and then regret it. This coming break I am determined to stay on track and I have found planning ahead by searching on pinterest for meals I will make at home is a good start. I am choosing meals that are a little more effort and indulging than my typical daily meals, however they are still healthy and vegan, that way I do look forward to enjoying the break and not feeling like I am restricting. One snack I am planning to have on hand is energy bites, they are healthy, yummy and help with snack cravings. (I am planning to do a vegan snack post soon.)

As for my workouts, for those of you who have read my last fitness post, I am still continuing with the BBG program and will be while I am home. Every other day being as I am leaving the snow for a week and going to sunny and mildly warm weather at home, I have a goal to go for a run outside every other day. Get some vitamin D, enjoy the outside weather and stay on top of my fitness goals!



While I am home I plan to sit down with my planner and reflect on my New Year goals. How have I been doing? Any adjustments I need to make? Maybe add some other goals? I want to make sure I am still moving forward towards the things in life I want, things that make me happy and continue to put my mental and physical health as priority. Reflection is so important. It is one thing to write down goals and follow them but until you reflect on them and see your progress and congratulate yourself, it doesn’t fulfill the satisfaction and fulfillment you should be feeling. It also helps you stay on track and keep the vision in sight.

So one morning I may sit on the beach or go sit somewhere and grab coffee and plan my life goals and progress 🙂 I encourage you to do this too!

tumblr_na7vhsg0tz1tsd68no1_500.jpgRelax and Rejuvenate 


I imagine for those of you in University have been swamped with either essay writing or studying like I have. For those of you not in University, I know there must be busy days, stressful things and for everyone just maybe emotional, hard days. I am going to set a lot of time aside, each day to relax and rejuvenate.

My favourite things to do are baths, I just recently went to Lush and bought a few bath bombs and I am soo excited to use them. I also love using face masks! Go for walks on the beach, spend time with family, reading. I am going to do yoga and meditation. I will journal and work on a book I am writing privately. All the things I love to do and are ways to put myself first and sit back for a little bit is exactly what I am planning into my schedule over the next week.

Really looking forward to this week and I hope the rest of you are getting a little time aside to do some of these things as well.

Talk to you all soon 🙂


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