A-Z Bucket List

Hey guys,

I hope you are all having a great week thus far and are managing to stay happy and positive.

I have decided to do a post that I thought would be really fun to do, but I may soon find out that I may be challenging myself by completing this. Nevertheless I am going to create an A – Z list of things that I would like to do at some point in my life, essentially a full bucket list. Some letters may be very limiting as to a response, but hopefully I can find something that fits and is still truthful haha. So here we are…

Apartment, I have been looking forward to the point in my life where I can get my own apartment and simply practice adulting and having time to learn about myself in my own space. I am 21 now and ideally I would love to reach this point in my life by 25/26.

Backpacking, I would love to do a backpacking trip maybe somewhere in Europe. Even Thailand or Peru, to see a different culture and get close with the nature, I bet it would be an amazing experience.


California, ask any of my friends and they would tell you I have a weird obsession with my goal of living in California for at least 6 months in my own apartment and just enjoy the lifestyle there.

Dead Sea, I would like to swim in the Dead Sea, I have heard about it and the benefits for your skin and it is also just a really cool place to visit and experience.

Entrepreneur, If I am lucky enough and if it is meant to be, I would like to have my own business at some point in my life. Maybe a small cafe, or a place that sells food products for all diet preferences including vegan and provides a social setting for a community.

Friends, I would love to have a trip with all of my close friends, maybe rent a beach house in the summer or do a shopping trip. Even if it is years down the road as a reunion to catch up with everyones lives.

Give back to my parents, I have had a dream for a while now that I hope at some point in my life I am successful enough to give both my parents something that would mean everything to them. I know the perfect things would be a house boat and a cabin in the woods (did I mention really successful!)

Helicopter, I would love to take a low altitude helicopter ride over an awesome place, such as Africa to be able to see the wildlife or just anywhere that I can see clearly from the sky. I have never been in a helicopter and I would really like to.

Inspire, I have always wanted to do something bigger for people either inspire them or help people who face hard times and provide motivation. I am not entirely sure how I would do this, either public speaking, trying a career within counselling and I guess the creation of this blog was a simple step towards this.

Journey, I saw this thing that stated throw a dart onto a map and travel to wherever it lands. This would be a great way to be spontaneous, live life to the fullest and just enjoy what may be meant to be. It would be very interesting for sure.

Kite surf, This would be an amazing experience and would make for a lot of great photography too.


Learn, I have always had a love for school and just learning new things and gaining new skills and experiences. I would love throughout life to have the opportunities to either take more degrees in University that interest me and apply them to my careers or just experience amazing life opportunities.

Marathon, at some point in my life I would love to participate in either a marathon, half marathon or a really large racing event, completed by either walking or running. I think they are an awesome experience.

Northern Lights, I want to see these as they seem so beautiful in pictures and are another wonder of this world.

Own a vacation home, somewhere that is a place to go to for relaxation, getaways and peace of mind.

Parasailing, this would be such a fun experience and a perfect way to see an awesome view of the ocean and surrounding area. I would love to take photos during this, they would look so cool.

Qualifications, I am not sure exactly which qualifications I would like to get but I would want something cool or useful. Maybe underwater diving or maybe a certification that allows me to teach a certain subject to small numbers of people. Something that is an accomplishment to be proud of

Roadtrip, I have always wanted to buy a truck and with either a close friend or a significant other and my pet dog, just drive across borders and visit different places and just literally explore with road trip snack essentials and a good playlist.


Sharks, I would really like to either somehow safely swim with sharks while remaining ethical. Deep down I find them absolutely fascinating.

Travel, I know this is very broad, but as simple as it sounds, I want to visit as many places in the world that I possibly can. I would love to actually live in a few places for a period of time also.

Underwater living, I have seen a few restaurants and hotels offering rooms available underwater and I think it would be so amazing to be in a room surrounded by natural water life. That would be absolutely beautiful. Imagine waking up to corals and sharks surrounding you!!

Volunteer, I would like to give my time and efforts to either a humanitarian relief charity or a project that involves helping someone or many people who are less fortunate than myself, such as build housing for affordable prices or a clean up after a major natural disaster.

Whales, I would really like to either get really close to whales or maybe even swim with them. They have been my favorite animal for as long as I remember and they never cease to amaze me.

X-ray, the only things I can think of for this letter are x-rays and xylophones and I choose x-ray. I think it would be pretty cool to get a full body x-ray and just see what it all looks like. Why not, right?

Yoga, I really want to get good at Yoga and have it be a daily activity within my lifestyle. As of now I am only a beginner and practice it periodically so definitely needs more effort.

Zebras, I am using Zebras for the letter Z as a segway to all the other animals I can also visit in the Safari in Africa. Africa is a place I would love to visit to see the wildlife and the Savannah plaines.


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