Real Life Things


Life isn’t as serious as the mind makes it out to be. 

Life is always going to have ups and downs and there are going to be things we wish we never have to face, but what we need to remember is there are always good things that come out of whatever we are facing. That saying things happen for a reason has very true meaning.

My blog has always been a reflection of some aspect of where I am in my life or how I am feeling at that moment, but ultimately staying positive. And truthfully I have faced a difficult past few weeks, but it is the lessons and the strengths I gained from it all that I would like to share here with you.


Basically, after coming out of the past few weeks and learning new lessons, I feel at a very good place in my life and just excitement for whats to come in my life. My birthday just passed and I just have a inner feeling that 21 is going to be a life changing year for me and I am going to face many opportunities and important challenges. It all feels like new beginnings to me and it is a comforting feeling.

What I wanted to point out firstly, it is still the beginning of 2017. It is never too late or outdated to remain motivated and excited to make this year a year of you. 2017 is here for the main reason to allow you to learn about yourself and to experience the things in life that we are meant to gain from, either good or bad. I don’t want anyone quitting the new year goals they made in December because they fell off track or they don’t have the motivation you can get from a new year. Every day is a new beginning and a new opportunity or challenge and we have to just run with that. Be your own motivator and your own pick me up!

Relationship values. This is the second life lesson I gained. I realized going through the bad things is how you learn about yourself, and I have learned a lot lately. What are relationships values? They are the things you want and should always look for within another person. They are honesty, communication, care and affection, humour, motivation and the list is endless. You may have already figured out the values you look for the most, or maybe you haven’t quite yet. The underlying message here, is never to settle for less. When you know what you want in a person or relationship, the qualities that are the most important to you, then those are what you should seek and be with, nothing less. Seeking happiness is by filling your life with things that are positive and what you want.

Get excited, reach for the things you want. I have visions in my mind of the things I want, essentially dreams I want to reach and make a reality within my life. And with this feeling of new beginnings and excitement, I am just motivated to begin reaching for these visions. Live your life to the fullest each day, write down or gather pictures of the things you want and see yourself in the future and reach for them.


Im pumped for 21 and I am still motivated and excited for 2017. Get motivated with me!

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