How Your Blog Benefits You


Hey guys,

This post is a little later in the week however better late than never.

I was actually inspired to write this post after an important life event for me occurred and made me realize just how beneficial writing a blog is. So without further waiting, here are some top benefits that writing your blog does for you:


It can help you in interviews and working towards a career

I have been surprised numerous occasions where I was in an interview and I received questions such as what do you do in your spare time or what are some hobbies that benefit you as a person? The amount of times talking about my blogs have helped me within interviews is actually pretty amazing. Writing a blog in your free time, no matter if its personal interests, academic blogs or any content you prefer, this is a skill to talk about. You are practicing your writing skills, you are becoming more comfortable over a media platform and learning about that platform which in modern society, this is very important as we all know we are surrounded by technology and as for employment, I doubt you will be working in an environment that does not interact with technology in some form or another. Therefore your blog can now be a skill on your resume, a talking point in your interview and trust me, the interviewer most times will be very impressed or interested. Just reflect your passions!

It acts as a memory book or more appropriately, a memory website for yourself

I know for my personal blog, no matter if the content I upload is a new vegan recipe, life advice or photography, that content represents that point in my life and is a memory. This is more of a personal benefit for you in that you can look back to your first blogs and maybe your content will remind you of where you were as a person when you started and how you have changed over time. Your blog content reflects you as a person, and that I think is pretty incredible!


Your blog is a tool

By this I mean, by being an owner/content producer of a blog, you now have something that others may not have. Your blog can be a talking point when networking, having a conversation with a stranger, whoever it is you are talking to you can now share an achievement that you have. Also being a content producer you can choose what you want to reflect on, either it be an academic topic that you can use your blog to go into more depth about the topic and therefore gain even more understanding of this topic, or reflect on stages in your life and I always believe reflecting and identifying is the beginning stages of growth. Your blog can be an emotional getaway, a socialization method or a hobby that you love to pass time. These are all benefits from a website that you started.


A blogging career?

I wasn’t going to include this one, but it could be a very important benefit to some. If your blog is liked and noticed by a large number of people then quite possibly you can begin making important contacts through it and possibly employment opportunities. We all hear about professional bloggers and YouTubers, and again within modern society and advancing technologies, these professions are emerging more and more. Maybe you started your blog with the sole purpose of an enjoyable, personal hobby like myself but then your blog grows to a standard that begins allowing you to make money. I would say that is a pretty cool achievement!

Hopefully this leaves you with a little more inspiration!

Bye for now.


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