Fitness Routine Update


Hey guys,

Hope you are all having a great week. I have been engulfed in essay writing the last few weeks, I bet those of you also in University are facing similar days as myself. Tips: Write your essays at nearby cafe’s and have a reward for when you complete it! 🙂


I have decided to focus a little more on fitness and health for this week, I feel like I haven’t had a post about my fitness routine for some time now and I do enjoy these. I think its good to reflect on your fitness goals and also when others read fitness related content, it can be an effective motivator!

As for my current fitness routine, some things are similar to the last fitness post, but overall I do not have a concrete schedule for my workouts, they are semi-structured and I have mostly just been tuning in to my body and listening to how I feel. This is the same with my meals.


I am continuing with the BBG program by Kayla and I am now on week 11. I can say I have seen results and it is a good way to incorporate different workouts that I can do either at home or in the gym, that way I am constantly mixing my workouts to avoid getting bored or demotivated.

I have decided to include a snippet of one of my favourite ab workouts from the program. Maybe some time this week you can incorporate this workout just as something different. Also if you haven’t tried the BBG program, this may be an effective way for you to see if these are the type of workout styles you may enjoy!

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 6.48.14 PM.pngThis is my ultimate favourite ab workout I have tried. It definitely is one that you feel during the workout, but it is pretty simple moves and can easily be substituted for ways that are more suitable to you. The workout is between two circuits, so once you complete circuit one move on to circuit two, and then repeat that once again. Approximately around 30 minutes depending how easy you find it.

So I continue with the BBG, which is over three days, each day being either an arms, legs or ab workout and then the days in between is meant for cardio. Lately I haven’t been following the specific day the program requires, I just listen to how my body feels that day either to do a BBG arms or legs, cardio or a mix. I normally aim for 20-30 minutes of cardio either by the elliptical, treadmill or cycling.

I have also incorporated a little weights in my workout routine. I am mostly using the leg machine that targets inner thighs.


I am in University within Canada and we are just moving out of a pretty mild winter and is starting to feel a lot more like Spring. I am always a big advocate for encouraging people to workout outside, even if once a week you do a run at a nearby park. I am going to try and incorporate more outside workouts maybe starting this week depending on the weather.


Just to give a little more insight, my workout today was the ab workout I have shared with you, and then I decided to do a little more because I had the energy and I also indulged in meals a little more the past week, so I ended up doing a 15 minute run on the treadmill with high and low intensity intervals, some time on the inner thigh leg machine and I focused a little on arms also. So today was quite a full body workout which always feels good!

Let me know if you have any fitness tips or ideas to share! Enjoy the rest of your week and maybe give that ab workout a try! Bye 🙂


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