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I feel like always at this time of year, blog posts and youtube videos shift and focus on content about relaxing, being productive and how to destress. Especially for students, this is the busiest and high stress periods of the year when essays and assignments are due and exams are near, essentially it is the crunch time and study grind. I know my blog content always takes a turn here and emphasizes more on self care and being productive, but to be honest, this is one of my favourite content types to watch or read so if you don’t mind reading them, then I don’t mind writing them. 🙂

How to avoid feeling overwhelmed: 

I am going to go with this topic today because unfortunately its a little relevant to how I am feeling at the moment. But here is how I overcome it…


Step 1: Plan 

This is my number one tip and if you take only one thing from this post, I hope it would be to plan. If you don’t already have a planner (which I really hope you do at this point), go treat yourself and purchase one.

One of the best ways to reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed is to see everything laid out in an order you understand, and your larger goals split into smaller goals to achieve each day. Having daily objectives makes you focus on smaller tasks and this is more achievable and realistic and it also keeps you accountable in completing your goals little by little each day.


Take planning further than just goals to complete each day. I literally plan everything! When you have an essay due, (start early) write out an outline for your essay. What do you want to include in your introduction, body one, two and three and conclusion? Having a detailed outline for your essay will make things soo much easier and faster when writing the essay. Have all of your academic articles and sources researched and plan which paragraph and argument it will support.

Okay so now you can visually see what you have to do each day and how and when you are going to achieve your goals.


Step 2: Keep motivated 

Sometimes the easiest part is planning but then actually staying to your goals and tasks can be where people fall off. Everyone is different, so you are going to have to find what works best for you to stay motivated and consistent.

Here are some ideas:

Reward yourself at the end of each task or goal

Have healthy snacks or a yummy drink to enjoy while you work

Take breaks, after each task maybe watch a youtube video or switch to something else

Remind yourself of the rewarding feeling once you complete the task 



Step 3: Take care of yourself


This is the last step for this post and one of the most important steps. That saying ‘a car cannot run without fuel’ works for your body as well. If you work yourself too hard, not getting enough sleep, eating solely junk food and not feeling good about yourself, your performance is not going to be good either.

There must be a balance between relaxing and spending time doing things you enjoy, getting enough sleep and eating sufficient meals with ingredients that are going to fuel your mind. This is so important to tune into your own body and understand what it needs. Are you being overworked? Are your goals unrealistic? Are you exhausted or feeling sick? Put yourself first and do what is right for your body and mind in order to reach your goals!


Maybe I will continue with this content and create a little series for this time of year. I find it helpful to know that others are in a similar position as myself and sharing how each person deals with the busier times in the year. So I will see you guys soon! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Study Grind

  1. You have no idea how much I needed this. I’ve got so many essays I need to finish till the end of this month that I don’t even know where to start from, and the problem with me is that I’m never motivated to do anything but your post really helps 😊

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