Hey guys, I am sorry for the missing post this last week, I have been super busy being pushed to face life and adult things.

My days have been looking a lot like studying, packing, completing chores and more studying. I actually just finished my last exam and now just working on the last stage of packing so I can return home on Thursday. Three years of University flew by so fast! I bet those of you at University are feeling the same way.

My number one tip for moving is start early! If I didn’t start packing and throwing out things I no longer need early, I would be a very stressed individual at the moment and probably not writing this blog post. Packing a little each day is a really effective method and one good thing about packing is it forces you to take the effort to sort through your things and decide what you really need or don’t.

My second tip is find a charity box. After sorting through all of my clothes, I had filled up over five trash bags of things I no longer needed/wouldnt fit in my suitcase or no longer liked. 99% of those things were clothes. It really made me think how much I hoard, but the worst feeling is just throwing out good quality clothes and feeling wasteful. If you find a charity box or a shelter, donate your clothes so that you are giving back and making a positive impact on someone. I found one near my apartment and getting rid of my clothes this way made me feel a lot better than just throwing it in the trash.

My tip for packing: My number one tip for making the most use of the space in your suitcase or boxes is roll your clothes! Do not fold them and try to pack this way, roll your clothes so they are shaped as skinny tubes and try packing this way. Trust me, it will change your life if you arnt already! It saves so much more space and you will fit double of what you would have fit if you just had folded your clothes.

The last tip is sell what you can. I had to sell all of my furniture and by selling or donating your good quality items, you are again making a positive impact on someone and helping yourself by clearing out the space.

I am ready to just focus on enjoying this good weather and flying home to be with my family. I hope exams went well for those of you in schools and that you are getting excited for an awesome summer break.

See you guys soon!


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