TV shows, Products and Food

Hey guys, I thought I would share some of the things I have been loving recently. I haven’t uploaded a post like this for some time now, so thought I would update with things I am enjoying in case they are things you are also loving or wanting to try!

First: CetaphilF2D_800.jpg

I have sensitive skin that is prone to dryness and problem areas on my forehead and chin and therefore I have to be very picky about face washes and trust me I have tried a ton! I do not have bad acne, just problem spots and my face tends to get VERY dry (even though I know the Canadian winter and not drinking enough water are major contributing factors.) One of my roommates actually suggested using Cetaphil face wash because she has similar issues with her skin and I found a Cetaphil face wash that is for sensitive skin and decided to give it a try. Take my word, I have not stopped using this as my sole face wash since. It doesn’t dry out my skin and it immediately stopped more breakouts from appearing. It didn’t get rid of the red spots that I currently have but reducing any more from appearing is enough to make me sold! I also use the Cetaphil face moisturizer which I like because it isn’t too heavy on my face and gives just the right amount of moisture. One thing I should tell you about the Cetaphil facial wash is it isn’t a typical soup that foams up when you use it, so that may be a bit dissieving to some people and for me it was at first, but I know it is cleaning my face just as well and helping with my problem areas.

Two: 13 Reasons why


I know you have had to have heard about this TV show at some point since it being released and I know the reason why I watched it was because of all the talk about it and I wanted to see what it was all about. I am quite picky with TV series that I watch on Netflix, I find it very difficult to get hooked besides Gilmore Girls and Suits haha. I generally just can’t stay with one TV show before I get bored and move on. However that didn’t happen with 13 Reasons Why. If you don’t already know, it is one series on Netflix with 13 episodes and follows the story of a girl named Hannah who commits suicide and shares her 13 reasons why over recorded cassette tapes. Warning: It is successful at hitting all heart strings, you will cry, laugh, be super anger and may have to stop watching for a little while like I did. Suicide is a hard but very real topic that this TV show brings out in a way that makes you reflect and think about your own life impact and others. I do suggest that you watch it however maybe don’t binge watch it is my advice. All honesty, I needed a few days of a break before I continued watching. Let me know in the comments of your opinion of the show without giving too much away for others who may not have watched it yet!

Third: Snickers and Twix bites


Of course I needed to include some food element in my favourites and I have been having a severe sweet tooth lately, which is odd for me. Thank goodness for the snickers and twix bites or maybe its not a good thing, I have eaten way tooo many! They are really yummy and I suggest you buy some now! 🙂

Well there are a few things I have been recently loving. I hope you are all having a great week and see you again soon.

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