Steps To Making Your Professional Life More Successful

Hey guys! How is your day going so far? When writing this post I was sitting in a cafe and meant to be moving all of my belongings out of my apartment today but instead the weather had decided to prevent moving productivity for a few hours. So heres a blog for you instead!

I have come up with three tips in which I think are solid steps to becoming more diverse in knowledge, actively participating in the industry and overall working towards your professional image. I hope these can really help you.

Tip 1: Surround yourself around industry experts, entrepreneurs and social business settings such as cafes where business people socialize and meet.

You don’t exactly have to be pokey but a little eavesdropping wouldn’t hurt. The amount you can learn from the conversations from people with experience of building a successful business from a starting point, their meetings, learning about the different trends currently in the different industries and tips that you can incorporate in maybe your next interview and overall gaining knowledge on an industry you didn’t have before is actually really amazing. I was recently sitting in a cafe and there was a meeting between four members in the creative industry who work on blogs for ‘famous’ people and they were talking about the industry, their current projects as well as podcasts that they are listening to and that they say are really motivating and informative to listen to. I actually love this, just by sitting in a cafe, enjoying a coffee or writing a blog post you can learn different things from powerful people with very little effort. I now have the name of a podcast to listen to that powerful members in the industry use to inspire their own business ventures! If you are an introvert and shy to talk to people or simply hungry for knowledge, I really recommend just spending some time in social business settings and I bet you will learn a whole lot of things that you didn’t know before.

Tip 2: Say YES to everything.

In order to become exposed within an industry, a job, opportunities and experiences, just throw yourself into everything and anything. The only negative outcome that cannot be fixed is if you turn things down or not even give something a chance. Once you turn things down you will never be able to know if that was meant for you or if that was a stage to lead you to something great and thats why I say turning things down is the only negative outcome that can’t be fixed, we typically don’t get every opportunity twice. If you take the opportunity or experience and it doesn’t work out, you are still gaining from it, you learned something new and maybe learned now that it is something you do not like. But if you didn’t take the opportunity you never would have known this. Just imagine if you say yes to opportunities and it leads you to your new favourite thing and a step towards making your visions come true! Also saying yes to everything will slowly land you into the position you need to be in for your next professional steps, trust me.

Tip 3: Engulf yourself in research and literature on a variety of topics.

The most useful resource right at our fingertips is the internet, academic articles and literature. One amazing thing about globalization and technology is we are more independent in our own learning and have resources available to us at any time. Take full advantage of this! Don’t wait for opportunities to come to you to learn about things, in your free time take the initiative to grow independently and read up on as many diverse topics as you can. Just become grounded and diverse in knowledge, it may seem pointless if you do not see in the present how this knowledge can help you and be applied to life, but I can’t tell you the amount of things I have learned and experienced and felt they were just so minuscule and irrelevant and then next thing I know, I am talking about it in interviews and conversations with people. Educate yourself! It is one of the most powerful tools in society.

These are three solid tips that have really helped to make positive changes in my life professionally, academically and growing personally. Make little changes in your life by slowly implementing these tips in increments. Maybe this week an hour each night read a new piece of literature and learn about a new topic that may interest you. Find a nearby cafe that the customer base is typically business people and enjoy a coffee and learn new things from their conversations. And lastly, just say yes!

Thanks for reading guys! See you soon. 🙂

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