How To Stop Cravings in Their Track

Hi everyone, Welcome to another blog post!

I have decided to share some tips with you that I use to prevent from moving away from my desired healthy diet and falling off track due to those common unhealthy cravings.

We should all understand that a cheat meal or an “unhealthy” snack here and there is a healthy way to balance yourself and remain healthy and body confident as well as happy by not restricting.


However we also understand that bad cravings can come a little more often than they should or eating unhealthy foods are largely attached to our emotions. For example, I find when I am tired or thirsty, for some odd reason my mind is saying I want something unhealthy. But this simply shows that we have to listen to our bodies in order to understand what really is going on. Are you tired, upset, nervous or just bored? We do not need to choose an unhealthy meal because we feel these things as in fact they will probably make things worse.

So here are some tips to curve those bad cravings and keep them to a minimum:

Listen to your body

I mentioned this before because it is such an important one. When our stomachs tell our brains that we are hungry, it is because nutrients are required to continue fuelling our bodies and keep us healthy. A little too often do we just choose our favourite dishes or the quickest available meal and it turn out to be unhealthy and not nutritiously satisfying mel for our bodies. This means our stomachs will tell our brains again that we are still hungry because it is still requiring a form of nutrient and until we listen to our bodies we will not provide ourselves with this and could easily end up binging or just gaining weight and remaining deficient in a nutrient.


Our bodies tell us if we are thirsty and need more water, if we need sugars such as healthy sugars from fruits or if we need root nutrients from vegetables such as spinach and carrots. If we listened to our bodies more often we would know what to eat when we need it and this will avoid cravings in the future as our bodies are satisfied.


You have probably heard before that when you get a craving, go for a walk or run and you probably also hate hearing this. Who wants to go for a run over eating a slice of cake that our minds will not stop thinking about? But we have to realign our own values. What is more important to you? Feeling healthy and confident or choosing your cravings which will satisfy you only short term.

When craving and then doing a workout, it instantly makes the craving disappear. (If you did a hard workout and minimum 25 minutes and you are still craving, then maybe you actually do really want to have that meal.) But majority of the time that craving will disappear and working out will help you choose a healthier and more substantial meal option.


Eat your entire food groups

By this I mean make sure your daily diet is hitting all the necessary food groups. Fruits, vegetables, proteins, healthy fats and carbs. When you restrict your body or are not getting enough from a specific food group, your body will begin to crave. Ensuring your meals are well balanced throughout the day will avoid this.


I tend to have a large bowl of fruit and a source of protein in the morning for breakfast. For lunch it is normally some vegetables with a healthy carb and protein. Dinner is always loaded with a bunch of colourful veggies and a source of protein. (The more colourful, the healthier your meal most likely is but try to have a wider source of green veggies to ensure you are extra healthy!)


Hope these tips help and I also hope you are staying on track with your 2017 goals!

Bye for now!

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