When Your Having a Bad Day

Hey guys!

Unfortunately bad days can be unavoidable and we all have them. Sometimes there are bad days that you can snap yourself out of and back into a positive mindset by choosing something proactive and then there are bad days where you just need to accept it is not a good day but tomorrow will be better.

My top tips for helping when you are having a bad day:

1 Get away from whatever is causing you to be upset, angry or irritable.

Either completely removing yourself from the situation if you can or doing all you can to allow yourself to step back and breathe from it all.

2. Reflect on what is making you have a bad day.

Either go for a walk, a drive or get someone who always helps when talking to them and can make you smile. Just run through the day in your mind or out loud to face it and understand it in order to move on from it.

3. Take control of the rest of your day and do things that will make you smile again and relax.

I always know when I am having a bad day that going for a walk or ordering/cooking a delicious meal or being with a close friend always sorts me out. Do something that you can look forward to and make the day a little better for yourself.

4. Take care of yourself.

You have had a bad day so now you need to put yourself first. Write in a journal everything that is bothering you, do some yoga or a light exercise to release any tensions and pamper yourself or watch a movie that will get you to smile. Maybe even get a bubble bath. Whatever just puts you first.

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