Balancing Goals


I am one of those people who have to keep busy and am always thinking of the next achievement I want to work towards. Due to this I am normally working on multiple things simultaneously, which helps for keeping me busy but also has taught me, balancing is an important skill to learn.

Even for people who may not be very busy or function better focusing on one major aspect at a time, balancing is always required at some point no matter what.

A common form of balance that most people face are balancing our emotions or the foods we eat, or responsibilities we have. These are things that majority of people balance altogether and for some, balancing can be very easy and just a way of life, and others may struggle more to find an effective, long-term balance that works well with them.

I admit in the past I did not really know a lot about balancing and the importance of it. I knew there were a few things I had to do and a few things I wanted to do and because I didn’t focus on balancing these things effectively, I often found myself feeling stressed, irritated and not enjoying things as much as I would if I were paying closer attention to an effective balance. I currently am still learning the best ways of balancing for myself but I have become a lot better than in the past, and I think the first step is being aware of the importance of balancing.

Not only does it help you to achieve everything you want to achieve, but it allows you to do it in a focused and effective manner.

Here is how I manage my responsibilities and goals and maintain an effective balance:


I plan weekly. I tend to have the responsibilities and the goals I want to achieve clear in my head so my mindset is pretty focused generally. If you think you are a type of person that sometimes loses focus easily, try writing a monthly list of your goals and responsibilities. This can help you stay focused and understand the direction you want to go.

I write out the things I want to achieve on a piece of paper, for example, the amount of blog posts I want to write this week and possibly a draft if I already have an idea for the post, my meals for the week and my fitness goals like running for 30 minutes 5 times that week.

Once I have a general list of everything floating in my head and the things I want to accomplish in order to keep busy or feel successful, I start taking from the list and sorting these tasks to days of the week until I form a weekly schedule. That way I know what I have to do each day, and having this focus and accountability allows me to be more successful in balancing and achieving.


Now here is where the skill of balancing really comes in, as it is very easy to create a weekly schedule but it is unrealistic to expect that all things will go as planned. You may have a few responsibilities listed down that you want to complete on the Wednesday, but then life gets in the way and you are feeling really demotivated and feel like doing something completely different. We tend to ignore our bodies when it tells us what we need or don’t need right at that moment, and this is mentally and physically.

Sometimes you have to sit back down with your planner and re-adjust your Wednesday to still make it as productive as you can but accordingly to how your day is going and what your body is communicating to you. Sometimes I move tasks to different days or substitute easier tasks when I am feeling a little less motivated. But that’s the key that is important with balancing. One must know when to change things accordingly to benefit you and your goals but not adjusting so that you fall off track or lose focus for the week or month.

Another tip is anything that means a lot to you or is enjoyable for you are the things that will be easier and more able to remain focused on. Therefore these tasks can be used as a form of breaks from less enjoyable tasks or for days where you may feel demotivated but know that you will regret if you waste the time or lose focus of the goal.

I always have my list of all goals nearby that I can return back to, I have my weekly schedule to make things clear and remain accountable and I take the pressure off of myself when things work out a little different than expected.


I also like to make things different and fun for myself, so I have started colour coding my planners, I put enjoyable things for each day and I reward myself when I need it. Knowing how you work and maintaining a healthy balance is the key to long-term success.

Do things according to what works best for you. Make your working space and planner organized in a way that makes the most sense to yourself.  The things that help keep you motivated and accountable in reaching your goals is what you need to do and this will help you remain balanced and things will be achievable.

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