How to Achieve Slimmer Thighs


Just giving a heads up, my fitness series or fitness focused blog posts will be a lot more common as it is now summer time where I know everyone likes to feel their best and this last week I graduated from University and officially am back home which gives me more time to focus on my body goals. Of course there will be a mix of other content as well that I will be producing but just wanted to share that for the people who enjoy fitness and meal related posts.

As you can tell from the title of this post, I will be focusing on slimming thighs and the reason for this post is because it aligns with my personal fitness goal. I do want to lose body fat and tone my full body but everyone has certain body parts that they want to change more than others and thighs are that body part for me.

So without further due, here are some tips into slimming thighs.

Our bodies are subjective, everyone is shaped differently, lose differently and gain differently. Straighten your leg out and pinch the top and sides of your leg while it is extended. If you can grab a lot of skin, then your legs are more fatty. If you cannot grab a large amount, your legs are considerably muscular. Either type, this can make ones leg look large which by no means am I suggesting you have to lose thigh size, this is honestly for people who want to target and make their thighs smaller, simply because that is one of their goals as it is one of mine.

Both fat and muscle can make your thighs look larger, therefore specific exercises and dietary types are important to contribute to getting slimmer thighs. Before I continue further, I am in no position a professional or expert in fitness and health, I only share from what I have learned through my own research and personal experiences.


As for exercise, avoid anything that builds muscle, therefore if you run, keep the incline to a minimal or none at all, so avoid hills outside or within the gym keep your treadmill, ellipticals and stairclimbers on low incline to none. The best workout for slimming thighs and avoiding building too much muscle in the process is a long endurance run at a low to no incline. An hour is the most effective time but of course take baby steps if you don’t already work out frequently but when you do reach a comfortable level and your body and mind are focused, plan an hour run either on the treadmill (no incline) or outdoors each day you work out. This will help lose fat within your thighs and the rest of your body, slightly tone your legs but not build muscle to avoid a bigger image for your thighs. Another tip is to ensure you have good posture when you run. This helps focus on all parts of your thigh and not just the front of your thighs where you will begin to build muscle if you frequently have poor posture during workouts.

As for your dietary contribution to slimming your thighs, incorporate fruits and vegetables as the main portions within your meals, drink lots of water to help fill your stomach and avoid snacking or emotional eating. Remember what you eat is about 60% and 40% is exercise.

Lastly, be patient. Good things never happen over night. It is the things that mean the most and are worth the most that take the longest. The results though are absolutely worth the efforts.

Never neglect to listen to your body. It will tell you when you need a certain food or hydration, a day off from working out or a more strenuous or less strenuous workout for that day. Listening to your body is a very important skill to learn. Also remember that balance is key. Don’t let things consume you where it takes away happiness or the motivation you originally had. Focus on everything as a journey and a learning experience.



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