Mind and Body Happiness

Hey again! I havent written a post in a little while and its been in the back of my mind everyday, ‘get back to your blog’, so here I am with another update about my fitness journey as I have been calling it thus far. I may need to change the name because its becoming more of a journey to happiness within myself as a whole and not solely about fitness. But I have been pretty busy between my work schedules and doing ‘adult’ responsibilities that I found it hard to sit down and find the time to think of a good post to publish, but now I am making sure I put the effort into finding time for my blog as it is something I really enjoy.

One of my last posts was about finding balance in life, between balancing your goals and staying happy and motivated to achieve your goals and I think this post may be similar to that but a little more personal to my own journey.

Not sure if I shared this yet, but I recently graduated from University in Canada and have returned home to Bermuda. Its been a while since I was somewhere and didn’t have the time stamp of when I will be travelling again, so getting use to it. But a good part about staying in one place now is I find myself forming a lifestyle here and making new healthy routines that I can now stick to and not worry about adjusting when travelling.

So here is what I have been doing mostly:

As for eating:

  • 99% of my meals are what I have cooked at home and consist of fruits, vegetables, healthy carbohydrates, healthy fats and other main food groups (with the exception of meats, I am vegetarian.)

Therefore I am cooking a lot which I find is the best way to know what you are eating and feeling good because you know which ingredients you are using and you can make sure you are getting the correct servings of vegetables and fruits each day.

  • I think I should also add, for those of you who have read my past posts, I tried a vegan lifestyle for a while and really did enjoy it. My main reasons for trying the vegan lifestyle was simply because different lifestyle types fascinate me and it made me feel really good. (Let me know if any of you would like a post specifically focusing on my vegan experience. I would like to do it if its something others are interested in too)

Currently I am not following a vegan lifestyle and am just considered a vegetarian, but I find myself unmeaningly making most of my meals vegan. I guess I just became accustomed to this way of cooking and I know certain meals that I really like tend to not require any animal products, so it just works out that way.

  • One thing I find myself not being too good at is drinking enough water. I know I have always been bad for this and I just have to make the effort to get drinking enough water as a habit because I know it is so important. What I may start doing is setting goals such as a bottle of water every 2-3 hours and set alarms as reminders. I say its about finding what works best for you.


As for exercising:

  • I am staying active. My jobs themselves require moderate physical activity and some days I find myself on my feet for the entire shift which is good. I have been going on a lot of long walks/runs for approximately an hour most days of the week and I have been working out with friends also. There is a really nice spot that overlooks the ocean and is a 30 minute walk from my house, and I have been using this as motivation to go for walks and runs to enjoy the view and clear my mind and it has really been working for me.


Now that you have a rough update of my diet habits and my exercises, it may be good to share thoughts on progress and overall how I am feeling.

Firstly my goals are to get more fit, meaning I would like to lose body fat in certain areas on my body and tone certain areas also and my other main goal is to feel good and confident with how I look and feel.

With the food I am currently eating and the activities I am doing to keep me active, I feel at a good place right now on this journey. We always feel positive changes within our own body before others see any changes in us at all and honestly I have come to realize that the changes I feel are the only ones that really matter to me. Before it was the mindset of wanting to lose weight, wanting to get a certain body like others I may see and not focusing on being happy, doing it for me and enjoying life without it taking over. But I have really moved on from that negative mindset and I can actually say I enjoy working out and eating healthy because it makes me feel good as a person. It also makes it easier to find motivation and not give up because I know how good I feel during it all.

I think the best changes I made in order to get to this healthy mindset is taking the unnecessary pressures off of myself about reaching a certain body type right away and learning to love myself and what I am becoming.

Once I learn what things work for me and what things make me feel good, I know those are what I want to continue doing and get rid of any bad habits that make me feel not so good or cause me to fall off track.

Also changing your mindset about your fitness and happiness journey. Do not look at it as a set period of time and there be a finish line that you are working towards. Change that mindset to one that understands this journey is becoming your life and these habits are ones that you continue to use and it just becomes you. There shouldn’t be a timeline for reaching a certain level of happiness or fitness level, this is your life and it is a journey and lifestyle that should last forever.


I hope that me sharing my current stage in my journey helps you either with motivation or knowledge or just entertainment and I encourage you to make your goals tangible. Everything in baby steps.

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