My FitBit Alta

I have the Fitbit Alta in grey and I love it. I never take it off (besides when showering) and it tracks my steps, heartbeat, active minutes, calories burned and my sleep habits. It works as a clock and can be set as an alarm and if wanted, can be synced to show when you receive calls and messages. Seeing my steps adding up and knowing my daily step goal keeps me motivated to remain active and I can compete with friends which makes it even more enjoyable. Working out just got a whole lot more fun!

I have always enjoyed running so naturally I have remained a pretty active person, however now with owning a Fitbit, during the day I will double tap to see where I am in reaching my daily step goal and I am more inclined to make sure I do a workout or even a second workout to reach my goal or beat a friend.  It is almost like a personal cheer leader or coach that pushes you just by displaying your progress throughout the day.

I personally like the sleek look of the Fitbit. The thin band and the grey and black colors suit anything I wear really. It isn’t bulky and it fits all wrist sizes with the adjustable band.

As for charging criteria, typically at full battery it will last me a week before I need to recharge it which to recharge is easy and fast. It comes with a charger that has a USB end, so I use my laptop to charge it and full battery takes approximately 20 minutes, maybe less.

I am really pleased with how it works and how it is easy to sync with other devices in order to display your daily, weekly or monthly progress. A few years ago I was given a different, older edition of a Fitbit for Christmas by my parents and for some unknown reason it would never sync with my phone or laptop and would always display the incorrect day no matter how many times I fiddled with the settings. Therefore, I stopped using it and before purchasing the Fitbit I now own, I was worried about the syncing ability and if I would face similar issues. I can confirm I have no issues with the Fitbit Alta and syncing is simple. I downloaded the Fitbit app onto my phone, (the app is free) and it automatically transfers the data from your Fitbit to the app.

The app is recommended! It displays your progress through charts and comparisons to previous weeks. There are challenges you can join and you can create personal goals through the app. I believe certain features that are more advanced do require payment, however I have never felt I needed or wanted the extra features. My main motive for purchasing the Fitbit was to track my progress and beat my personal bests and I ended up using it to compete with friends also, so I will honestly say it was a well worth purchase.

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