A Court of Thorns and Roses Series

Hey all,

I am wanting to share my obsession lately and realized I do not do as many book related posts as I would like to, so I am very happy to be getting back into it with this series as my first focus.


I honestly am loving this series so much. I did write a post a few weeks ago sharing that I was currently reading the first book in the series; A Court of Thorns and Roses and was absolutely loving it. Well yesterday I went and purchased the third book in the series and have been whipping through it between last night and today. I can truthfully share that in my opinion, each book only gets better than the last.

Quickly for those that may not have heard or started reading these series, they are written by the author Sarah J Maas and to my knowledge are meant to be a hexalogy and currently the first three books are available.

Thus far, the trilogy focuses around the tale of Feyre (the main female character), as she is brought into the faerie lands of Prythian after murdering a faerie. The story weaves between different lands known as courts, each ruled by different High Lords and Queens who Feyre becomes apart of.

We follow Feyre through multiple love triangles, dark magic, war, faerie lands and battles between ethics, family, love and protecting all above. It is a series which retells multiple fairy tales including The Beauty and the Beach and Hades and Persephone with faerie lore.

At first, if someone described this to me I would typically have said its probably not my type of read. I normally always read a thriller novel about a murder story or mystery but I am very happy for the two girls in the bookstore that convinced me enough that day to buy the first book.

Despite the faerie lands being such an intriguing creation to read about, I think what makes me love this series so much is the great level of romance and the many different triangles between the characters, as there are so many plot twists and turns that you never expect, therefore there is always a sense of surprise making this series a true page turner.

I also love how the main character is a strong, female character and which through the transition between the first book to the third, she becomes stronger and essentially a warrior. As Feyre becomes powerful I feel she becomes more witty and humorous and there are times I burst out laughing or just feel empowered through this character. I must say, the third book has me in awe of Feyre’s character as she is simply a badass. I cannot find any better word to describe her than that.

This was the first series/book I have read by this author and she absolutely has become a new favourite.

If you are looking for a new read and want something that will engulf you and spend hours reading and reacting out loud, then try this series out. I am obsessed and I would love to see in the comments others opinions and what they think about the series also.

See you again soon!


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